Self-Created Alluring Dashboards With Self Service BI Plug-in

With Business Intelligence engraved deeply into enterprises across the globe, the diverse facets of BI are spreading their wings all over – Self Service BI, Cloud BI, and Mobile BI. There are exemplary BI tools and technologies supporting these concepts. What comes across as the most important aspect is that the information should reach out to the most vital set of audience and should be accessible in the desired format in the desired time. What better than doing it yourself your own way? That is where Self Service BI enters the scene and creates a revolution for enterprises, allowing end-users, irrespective of hierarchy, to operate the application on their own, set up their own criteria and cull out their needed information in the necessary formats. One of the major optimistic purviews is that it frees the end-users from constant interaction with the IT teams and gives them breathing space to work on their own.

Pentaho is a leading open source Business Intelligence suite of products, which focuses on providing varied services like Data Integration, Data Mining, OLAP services, ETL processes, a variety of analytical reports and dashboards. Its widespread product stack encompasses all possible capabilities that could be worked out on the valuable information of any organization.

With abundant support from this BI giant – Pentaho, enterprises can avail Self Service BI feature through this plug-in, which is specifically developed to suit the user needs. This plug-in aims to serve as a dashboard module for business users and analysts, facilitating independent creation of reusable widgets/dashboards to help them take quick and accurate business decisions. It is sure to benefit the community with its visually appealing features, dashboards, and reports.

Features Highlight Of Self-Service BI Plug-in

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Responsive design
  • Web-based / Bootstrap based
  • Filtration and widget linking feature which can link multiple pins
  • An easily embeddable feature which can seamlessly embed the entire dashboard into your application and multi-tenant capability
  • Built with core technology platforms like Pentaho BA Community Edition, CTools, Angular JS and JQuery / JavaScript.

In order to delve deeper into the nuances of the Pentaho Self Service BI Plug-in, run through this wonderful video which, in-depth, walks you through the detailed steps of how can an attractive and analytical dashboard design be developed with the utilization of this dual set of technologies.

Go Through The Below Video To Learn How To Use Our Self-Service BI Plug-in:

Here is a screenshot of the look and feel of this framework:

Self Service BI Plug-In

We hope you enjoy seeing the video and get geared up to create many dashboard designs with the use of the wonderful Self Service BI Plug-in.

You can download this plug-in from the Pentaho Marketplace and leverage the skills of serving your own needs yourself, without any external dependency. Our User Guide will help you through the detailed steps and processes to be followed to ensure a successful implementation of the plug-in at your end.


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