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Does any enterprise today have a successful existence without Business Intelligence – the magic wand? Today’s globe is capable of utilizing heaps and bounds of data, analyzing it further into a variety of visually appealing dashboards/reports and garnering the best of efficiency, productivity and profitability out of it, thanks to this popular and most wanted Business Intelligence Services. The Business Intelligence has seen a long journey and today is an indispensable ingredient in the success story of any business, be it any geography, domain or size. It is a part and parcel of most business domains and continues to spread its wings in all corners of the world, making itself readily available in terms of easy access, cost factor, simplistic execution and enhanced variety of tools and technologies.

And, to add icing to the cake, comes one of the most sought after arena of Business Intelligence Solutions – Self-Service BI, which has over the years, captured not only businesses but has been an end user’s delight and has managed to imbibed a sense of self-confidence and assurance in the minds of the end-users since what it showcases is the very fact that you can extract any type of information yourself, at any given time, your own way and there is no need to depend upon any third party/IT department for it. What more would you want?

Self Service BI Plug-In

With the popularity of Self-Service BI growing by leaps and bounds, the IT industry has come up with umpteen Self-Service BI tools that have been constructed to assist end-users avail the facility of culling out information their own way. Of course, not all of them are up to the mark. It needs a certain kind of inclination to understand the user’s needs and should be able to grasp the type of details each user would want and correspondingly, create the tool in such a way that it becomes most easily accessible.

Why Is Self-Service BI, Obviously, the Most Sought-After?

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  • Users Can Do Analysis Themselves, Independently

Since the BI tool is made in such a way that the end-user can create alluring dashboards themselves, it brings in a large sense of independence and self-realization that they themselves can extract information in their own desired way. Be it time, money and effort – it surely saves all. It eliminates the need to rush to the IT department every now and then, to ask for each little information. Be it the top management or the regular staff, everyone has the need to get information at their fingertips and this wonderful tool, in the form of plug-ins, does help a lot. This way, employees get access to instant, detailed and accurate information.

  • Data Visualization Plays The Most Prominent Role

After all, what you see is what you perceive. However many tables and data sets you receive, it is very tough to understand and analyze what it actually means. BI tool converts data into a beautiful, colorful, simplistic, visually appealing chart/report/dashboard and the work is done. Everything is in front of your eyes, straight and simple. That is a major advantage the Self-Service BI tools yields in terms of data visualization and that too, conceived and conceptualized by the end-user, with self-defined terms and conditions. It plays an important role in decision making and comes up as the right solution while gauging alternate solutions. The level of understanding and engagement that the end-user showcases are proof of the very level to which data visualization is involved in the day to day life.

  • Witness A Cultural Shift With Increased Proactive Behavior

Now that data is easily available and that too in the desired format instantly, employees develop the inclination towards thinking proactively and thinking about the organization in long terms, be it future plan of action, growth chart, risk assessment, budget analysis and so on. Since data is right there in front of them, it becomes easy, motivating and simplistic for them to think about the betterment of business much in advance, thereby, providing a big boost to business and RoI. Even management and implementation of promotional campaigns, programs, and discount schemes etc. can easily be done.

  • Increase In Productive Hours With Less Wastage Of Time Over Opinions

Prior to the days of this wonderful tool’s entry, there were just piles of information with everyone, with a least clue of what to do with that and how to get the best of knowledge from those heaps of data. Obviously, the trend was towards each employee trying to figure out own version of reports to display their understanding leading to umpteen arguments and unnecessary wastage of time and efforts. With the advent of the Self-Service BI tool, all of these unnecessary time wastage is gone and there is a drastic increase in the number of productive hours since the thinking of all is at the same wavelength and everyone can now extract their desired information from the same data source in a similar fashion.

  • Simplistic Integration With Third-Party Systems Leading To Relief For IT And Finance Departments

Every now and then, employees need information from the IT and Finance department and before this plug-ins came in, those departments were loaded with requests from all others, demanding reports in their desired format and time. Owing to lack of integration between systems, authentication of data was lost. Now, with this wonderful tool, there is synergy between systems and one system can easily read data from the others, thereby maintaining the entire organization at a symmetrical level.

As a leading Business Consulting Services Provider in India, our skilled BI and Big Data resources have been implementing multiple Business Intelligence services with a multifaceted range of services, in vivid technologies that can give your organization the best of business efficiency and effectiveness. Our services have been successfully implemented across a wide range of enterprise clientele, all around the globe. Our expert team of BI consultants has devised a comprehensive Self-Service BI tool, that has been widely accepted by the end-user community and that is the reason, we are keen to come up with a new version of the same, with novel features to enrich our clientele with the best.


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