SPEC INDIA Mobile Messenger

SPEC Mobile Messenger is an instant messenger (IM) developed by SPEC INDIA. This instant messenger can be used on any J2ME enabled mobiles to send messages via GPRS at no extra cost. This application is currently available in two versions MIDP 1.0 MIDP 2.0 compatible.

Why SPEC Mobile Messenger?
Do you use SMS service to stay connected with your customers, vendors, friends and family while traveling? Then SPEC Mobile Messenger is what you need to stay connected with everyone without any additional cost. This instant messenger has some great features like showing online contacts, block unwanted users, chatting, sending files etc. This instant messenger is especially beneficial to the organizations with lager field staff as this applications allows the field staff to stay connected and easily communicate with the back-office and other sales staff.

SPEC INDIA Mobile Chat Messenger

SPEC Mobile Messenger features:

  • Send and receive messages to online users in your contact list
  • Feature to block / unblock users
  • Easier than sending SMS
  • Uses GPRS, so save additional cost
  • Instant delivery that enables faster communication between the users
  • Easy to use
  • No spyware or ad ware
  • Keeps running in the background and shows a pop up message when a new message is received
  • Enable you to share files while chatting
  • Allows to save chat history

These are the few features available in SPEC Mobile Messenger. For more detail you can visit us at https://www.spec-india.com/services/spec-india-mobile-messenger.htm or you may please feel free to write to us at lead@spec-india.com and one of our business executives will revert back to you within 24 hrs with more details.

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