Startups in Education App Development Driving the Digital Learning Ecosystem

The Learning Management System Market that stood at two and a half-billion dollars in the year 2013 with a predicted growth rate of twenty-five percent is geared up to reach the seven billion mark by 2018. Mobile education apps make a major component of this very dynamic market.

Predictions say that the number of PCs will fall from approximate 30% of the device market in 2013 to 13% by 2017.

Tablets are expected to increase from 11.8% in 2013 to 16.5% by 2017

Smartphones are expected to increase from 59.5% to 70.5% by 2017

Digital learning is trending and the connected devices & the internet become indispensable & inseparable tools for young students, enterprising teachers & modern-day parents. A Digital Learning Ecosystem is in the offing, made up of humans and their devices. Platforms, frameworks, and apps are all set to facilitate this shift in ways of teaching & learning bringing about a radical change in ways things used to be.

Startups see interesting opportunities and make the most of these trends to offer the best of mobile apps to fill in the gaps in this new ecosystem for Education.

Startup in Education App

Exciting News From The World Of Education Apps & e-Learning Solutions

Interesting news towards in the recent months catches the attention of Education enthusiasts.

Early September 2016 saw Mark Zuckerberg investing in an Indian Education startup Byju, that offers apps to teach math & science to kids. This was quickly followed by some more news from the world of education apps. A Los Angeles based startup, codeSpark raised around 4 million dollars as seed funding for creating web-based and mobile app-based gamified software to teach children how to code.

Earlier this year in May on the other hand Age of Learning, an Education Startup created waves by its very popular app ABCmouse to move into the billion-dollar club.

Kids Education Apps a Good Idea for a Startup

The demand for kids education apps increases manifolds in recent years making it the most sought after category of mobile apps to be downloaded. The learning experiences provided by these apps keep the children enticed fruitfully and the parents satisfied.

Why Parents & Teachers like Mobile Apps For Education

mobile app for education

Mobile app development startups have all the reasons to explore Kids mobile education apps to venture into an insightful strategy. With groundbreaking ideas leveraging contemporary techniques like Big Data, Business Intelligence, BYOD & Mobility, Cloud, IoT, Beacons and more, these startups have no reason to look back.

Some Facts


An Assured User Base For e-learning Solutions By Startups

Smartphones & Tablets are not a luxury anymore; they become a way of life for most and most importantly they become affordable and within reach.

Steady Monetization Of The Education Apps By Startups

Generating income from mobile apps developed for the Education industry is no mean feat. Most startups strategize by offering the core app for free with the quality of pay. Niche features & services are then put up for a price as purchases within the app itself. Placing advertisements in the apps is a sure shot method of getting the earning, but certainly, after the user base stabilizes.

Popular Apps For Kids Education & Knowledge – Inspiring The Startups

Khan Academy

khan academy

Khan academy needs no introduction and provides more than 4,000, free downloadable videos, to learn everything from K-12 math, geography, art and history to computer science. Students progress and unlock basic achievements and parents & teachers can be kept in sync too.

iTunes U


Apple’s iTunes U showcases the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content and Instructors from leading universities such as Stanford and Yale teach the assorted courses and DIY assignments, providing interesting reading material to learn from.



The TED app educates the students on the ways of the world. Offering more the entire library of almost 2000 TED Talks videos, Ted app introduces kids to revolutionary ideas & thoughts enough to shape up their character and thoughts.

SPEC INDIA Solutions For Education

We offer innovative solutions to cater to a large age group of students offering them insights beyond academics. Our solutions are comprehensive platforms catering to students, teachers and institutes alike.

  • iAssessment System

iAssessment revolutionizes the way students take their tests and the methods of evaluation. A comprehensive solution with support for creating, conducting and evaluating the tests, iAssessment also provides insights to ensure continuous test processes by incorporating modern day techniques like Cloud and Mobility.

  • University Management System

This innovative solution from SPEC INDIA enables Schools & Universities across the globe for day to day management. It also keeps a track of student performances with continuous analysis & appraisals with an aim to improvise scores ensuring clearance of the competitive exams.

A powerful BI & Analytics support takes care of the analysis and predictions to provide better insights across devices and platforms for easy and quick access.

  • Interactive Learning Apps for K to 12 students

iPads completely revolutionize the teaching pedagogy to suit the expectations of the students today as also offering appropriate digital lesson plans to their mentors.

Interactive learning apps are specially designed as a step away traditional classroom methodologies to move towards inclusive learning. High on the fun quotient, Interactive Learning Apps make the most of gamification in education to keep the audience enticed & informed meeting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

  • Education BI Analytics Solution

An intuitive BI & Analytics based solution to help schools & universities arrive at logical conclusions to increase the efficiency in administration and functioning of the institute, this offering from SPEC INDIA covers it all; data curation, data visualization & generation of actionable data.

The system offers insights into the student’s abilities and devises plans to improvise their proficiencies. The system also continuously monitors the performances of both students & their faculty.

In a Nutshell

With an estimated more than 100 million startups registered every year across the globe, it is only a mere one quarter that makes it through the first few years. A startup essentially needs an idea that converts to a product or service that catches the fancy of its user base.

Revolutionary ideas have made it big and education app development focused on mobile apps for kids education is surely a bankable thought for the startups.


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