Surveys and Competitive Intelligence

Those who are in direct store delivery business and retail sector, it is very important to capture and analyze field data to have a competitive edge on other. The success of your market intelligence initiative lies in implementing a structured approach to simplify the data collection process. Analysis of the feedback from customer helps you to determine impact of different promotional schemes and also  to set goals for efficient working of the field staff.

Surveys and Competitive Intelligence

SPEC INDIA offers solutions to capture customer feedback through surveys. You can easily create surveys through web-based interface, which can be deployed to individual field staffs mobile device/handhelds at the start of the route. This solution can be easily integrated with our sales force automation system. You can easily align this solution with your daily sales activities, to gather in-depth market intelligence and customer feedback. The main advantage of this solution is you can get the results on the same day.

Some of the benefits of Survey Management Solution are :
• Can easily monitor which goals are achieved
• Measure the impact of different marketing and promotion schemes
• Stay up-to-date about the competition
• Easily tracking field staff activities
• Can collect confidential customer feedback
• Can easily integrated with your presales and delivery solution

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