Swift: An Innovative Language Bundled with iOS 8

Cutting across the limitations of Objective C – the currently reigning language in iOS devices, Apple introduces a novel programming language ‘SWIFT’ to design apps and applications. It is fast, modern, secure, user friendly and considered to be simplistic for development. It is a replacement for the Objective C language but Apple shall continue to offer support to Objective C as well. This new language will be in the Beta version till Apple releases iOS 8.

Considered to be a modern programming language, the feedback being received across the industry has been positive. It is already acquainted to expert swift developers and will prove to be simpler and user friendly to new developers. The main motto of creating Swift was to eradicate the common errors which are usually found during programming. It is very much similar to Objective C but does not include the complexities of C programming. Swift is a language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, all set for iOS and OS X projects and it works in parallel with Objective C.

Apple Introduces SWIFT

Why Is Swift Beneficial?

  • Innovative
    Because of the abundance of research and the experience, Swift brings forward a modern touch to its programming features.
  • Easier Code Writing
    Swift offers features like Generics, Closures unified with function pointers, Tuples and multiple return values, faster iteration, struts supporting methods, extensions, protocols.
  • Instant usage
    Swift is ready to use the moment you want to, be it in an existing application or a new one. As it exists in parallel with Objective C, it is simpler to use.
  • Shared Playgrounds
    Instant viewing of the results after writing lines of code makes coding fun and interesting. With playgrounds, you can play around with your code, perfect it and then shift it to your project.
  • Quick and Controlling
    Since it uses the LLVM compiler, the code is transformed into native code to get the maximum output from the iOS hardware. Performance has been a prime feature of Swift which is why it turns out to be faster and effective.
  • Ensures Safety
    Swift focuses on safety measures to ensure elimination of unsafe code. Initialization of variables, checking arrays for overflow, tuning of syntax are a few of the steps to safeguard the code.

SPEC INDIA has been handling numerous mobile application development projects in various technologies like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone. We at SPEC INDIA look forward to the launch of iOS 8 and Swift. As always, we will be zealous to work with these new technologies and would be pleased to develop and implement new projects in these frames.

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