Swift iOS Development Rules! The King of the Skies Comes to the World of Tech!

Swifts are the fastest of birds. Larger species are amongst the fastest fliers in the animal kingdom….

Even the common swift can cruise at a speed more than 100 km per hour, covering at least 200,000 km in a single year!!!

Impressive Facts as Recorded on Wikipedia

An honest confession for the day is in the offing. Being ardent Apple fans blindfold a few of us to a lot and the thorough grooming in programming makes the matters worse, as we can never stop admiring the fastest programming language out there.

Swift, faster than the fast, beats most programming languages meant for enterprise mobile app development at their own game.

The skies have a Swift of their own and Swift iOS development rules the world of tech!

Swift iOS Development

Bringing in Swift

Swift, the trademark programming language establishes effectively over the years to enable programmers develop software for desktops, phones, servers, iPads, the wearables and virtually every device that can use any form of code allowing developers to build software that is easy to use and astonishingly fast to develop.

It is not really long ago, and we clearly remember researching & reading up about Swift, introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference – 2014 alongside iOS 8, WWDC 2014 before being made open source in late 2015.

It is the lightweight syntax and the simplicity of writing code well as maintaining it catches our fancy. What impresses us further is the ability of Swift to leverage the most out of practically all modern-day devices using Apple platforms, Linux and more since Apple took the next step with iOS 8.

“Swift. A powerful open language that lets everyone build amazing apps.

Swift is a robust and intuitive programming language created by Apple for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. It’s designed to give developers more freedom than ever.

Swift is easy to use and open source, so anyone with an idea can create something incredible.”


And it’s not only Us! Everyone is talking about Swift!

True, Swift remains below the steadfast Java, Python, Objective C or C# on the popularity charts, but only three odd years and it is impressing a huge set of people already and Swift iOS app development companies become a cult! And although Objective-C still potentially ranks higher, Swift is gradually replacing the torchbearers of Apple codes and iOS apps.

Swift News recently shared this link from Medium, a detailed comparison on how Swift is being perceived by certain surveys and statistical forums. Interesting and high flying for sure!


What the Charts Say

  • Redmonk, in its June 2017 rankings, lists Swift at the 11th position.
  • The October 2017 edition of PYPL (Popularity of Programming Languages) index lists Swift at the 10th position.
  • Swift made it to the top 10 programming languages as per the popular Tiobe index at the start of the year. While Swift dropped to 16th position in October 2017, the reviews are still optimistic and far from alarming!

Advantages of Leveraging Swift for Enterprise App Development

With a growing number of users and industries relying on fascinating yet simplistic mobile apps for their routine activities, it is vital for enterprises to choose dependable platforms and programming languages to get sustainable software into their fold.

Swift is but a logical choice with numerous benefits to its credit.

Swift 4

The powerful programming language that is also easy to learn.

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and Swift includes modern features developers love.

Swift code is safe by design, yet also produces software that runs lightning-fast.


Efficient Coding

Less is more. Bug fixing is faster considering Swift supports in-line fixes which is a significant benefit for organizations looking for low cost, faster software development. Furthermore, Apple has invested a lot of effort to ensure that learning & adapting to Swift comes easily. Swift offers the comfort of the know to what developers in Swift iOS app development companies are already using popularly, like Python.

Open Source

Apple literally opened the next generation of floodgates when it comes to enterprise software & apps development by turning Swift open source. Swift is already compatible with Linux apart from the wide array of Apple platforms. Developer communities assisting users with Android based apps built using Swift could also become a new rage too!

It’s an Apple

Swift was introduced in 2014, not a great deal of years behind it but the surge in popularity has been enormous. Apple has successfully released Swift 4, and work is already in progress on version 5. Apple indicates a definite roadmap with regular improvements for Swift making it more than dependable.

Playground Mode

Apple has made experimenting new ideas pretty easy with this feature. Developers can quickly & safely test their ideas within a platform that is segregated from the actual app, and ideas that don’t click can be easily discarded.

Fast Loading Apps

Swift breaks the notion that enterprise apps are bulky and take significant time to load. Swift employs dynamic libraries which are pushed directly to the memory allowing improved app performances, reduced app size and loading time.

Assured Security

Apple has naturally developed Swift to incorporate the necessary security features. Considering the safety aspects, developers are likely to use latest programming trends with Swift that render state-of-the-art security to mobile apps, and steer clear of any discrepancies. For safe data storage, Swift is accompanied with an integrated storage system.


More on Swift

Swift Development

  • SwiftFest conference – 2017 will be held at Boston on November 29 & 30. Developers will be exposed to new paradigm changes that are happening with the iOS platform & Swift as part of the conference, along with a wonderful opportunity to network.
  • Swift India 2017 is happening at Bangalore on November 18 & 19, which is an opportunity up for grabs for developers in the Asia Pacific region.

Popular Apps Built on Swift

Signature names all across industries & domains with varied purposes confirm that we are not biased after all! Out of the top 100 free apps within the AppStore a little over ten percent of them used Swift with a few being completely re-written in Swift.

Apps Built On Swift


The uncontested guru in network for professionals used globally by millions of professionals, LinkedIn relies on Swift for the robust platform it has built over the years.


Local to US, Lyft makes the top cut when it comes to app based taxi booking giving Uber a run for its money.


Swift is one of the languages that make up this most popular app that even managed to scare Facebook not so long ago.


The latest app that has become the buzzword of the travel agency, Airbnb also has used Swift in some capacity.


One of the pioneers when it comes to photo and album sharing, Instagram is among the top apps downloaded and makes use of Swift.


The world’s most popular social collaborative platform taking on to Swift makes it the bottomline of sorts.

The Rules of The Skies

Rules Of The Skies

Safe, Fast & Expressive is the way to go for the Swift Programming language & why not!

“Better performance equals better apps.

Swift apps more than live up to the name. For instance, a common search algorithm completes much faster using Swift.

Up to 2.6X faster than Objective-C, Up to 8.4X faster than Python 2.7″


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