Technology Compatibility Kit in Java

Technology Compatibility Kit in Java

A Technology Compatibility Kit – popularly known as TCK – in Java, is a combination of tests, tools and documentation that provide a classic way of testing and implementation for coordination with a Java technology specification.


The JCP requires a TCK for the final release of a project in Java technology. This describes the application programming interfaces (APIs) for the Java technology. The reference implementation is a working implementation of the Java technology in order to prove that the specification can be implemented. The TCK is thus majorly used to test implementations for compliance with the specification.

Each ECK is unique. But, all the TCKs must include the following:
a. TCK Test Suite: set of all the test cases
b. Test Harness: set of apps and tools that manage the TCK test suite
c. Documentation: provided in form of a User’s guide
Thus, a TCK can include the description of an audit process, which has a chance of

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