Testing Android Application Development Effectively With ROBOTIUM

A popular and comprehensive framework for writing automatic black box test cases for Android applications and testing them is Robotium. The significant feature of this innovative framework is that it supports native as well as hybrid applications. Overcoming certain limitations that usual Android testing partners have as difficulty in handling diverse activities, slow test execution and dealing with complicated test cases, Robotium adds additional feathers to the cap and assists the tester to test without any knowledge base of the design.


It, being an open source framework, is considered an expansion to the Android’s testing framework. It is useful in writing various types of functional, acceptance and system testing scenarios. It works in scenarios where source code is present as well as in those where only the APK is present. Its latest release has been Version 5.0.1 in Jan 2014, which supports fully customizable and stable framework.

Salient features


Following items are supported by Robotium:

  • Toasts
  • Dialogs
  • Context Menus
  • Activities

Robotium is based on Java language and the Junit testing framework and the testing is done on eithen an Android Virtual Device or on a real one.

Why Robotium?

  • Increases the speed of the whole process of development and testing
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Effective development of test cases with least know how of application
  • Less time to write and quick execution of test cases
  • Seamless integration with other third party tools like Maven, Gradle or Ant
  • Automated delays and timing
  • Instant binding to GUI components

Prerequisites before utilizing Robotium:

  • It is essential that the Robotium library be installed to test the project
  • In order to write test cases, Methods of Solo class should be used
  • The tests which are to be executed should be tested out on the actual or virtual devices.
  • It is imperative that the test results should be obtained

We, SPEC INDIA, are an offshore software development center in India, having expertise in using Robotium as our testing partner for Android application development that we undertake. We have extensive experience in the mobility sector, be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone or cross platform. We have proficiency in identifying when and what to automate, create reusable test cases and maintenance of automated tests along with application changes.


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