The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility for Industrial Manufacturing

Enterprise Mobility evolves for Industrial Manufacturing with prime focus on reduction of human interventions in the production cycles with an aim to reduce probabilities of errors and upholding the Quality parameters. Enterprise mobility for Industrial Manufacturing can safely be branded as one of the most innovative and intuitive usage of technology in the modern world. With virtually no limits to put this concept to use, Enterprise Mobility changes the way people work, the way organizations relate to customers and vendors with tremendous improvement in productivity and efficiency.

Enterprise Mobility

This results in enabling companies to achieve maximum production efficiency, in reduced time frames, thereby curtailing and shortening the entry times to the markets.

Industrial manufacturing companies benefit by creating an interactive plant environment based the intuitive experiences of the users themselves. With the advent of mature communications and affordable sensor technologies, companies now monitor behavior and use it as a feedback for improvising their processes. Big data and analytics is utilized to arrive at features which involve intuitive decision making to improve the overall efficiency.

Integrating Enterprise Mobility into the Industrial Manufacturing

From complete manual manufacturing to automated manufacturing the industries shift to relying on information technology based solutions today. The integration of Enterprise Mobility into the workflows help simulate critical processes of manufacturing to define the most efficient processes for the companies.

  • Concept-to-Manufacturing
  • Product Engineering
  • Manufacturing System engineering
  • Manufacturing Operations related Processes
  • Assembly Line Processes
  • Plant Layouts
  • Simulation based processes
  • Product Life-Cycle Management
  • Service Management
  • Enterprise Applications Integration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Low-cost Manufacturing and Prototyping

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility for the Manufacturing Firm

The benefits offered by this new way of using information technology assures increased productivity and business efficiency. This naturally converts to cost savings and quicker Returns on Investments.

Operational Benefits

Mobile technologies based applications and solutions allow data to be captured and stored faster. They enhance employee access to the critical and significant databases. These solutions help all the stake holders of the firm collaborate better reducing lead time for key operations. This definitely gives the enterprise a competitive edge in the market improving the customer satisfaction and hence customer engagement.

Benefits to Employees

Employees find the interfaces on mobile phones and hand held devices easier to operate and more practical to carry out the tasks assigned to them. These solutions are motivating as they are trending, in vogue and are more fun to use. They offer better flexibility to the workforce as they can easily balance their work-life balance and can operate from wherever they are. Again, BYOD increases workforce engagement and the flexibility offered by Enterprise Mobility helps the employees increase their efficiency and improve the performances.

Improvising Processes

Enterprise mobility changes the way the Manufacturing Industries work and offer benefits by improvising core processes

        • Asset management
        • Field sales management
        • Field service provision
        • Shop floor functioning
        • Warehouse management

Enterprise Mobility Changing the Ways of Industrial Manufacturing

Enterprise Mobility sets out to improvise the workflows of Manufacturing units, thereby revolutionizing the processes and making itself indispensable.

  • Generating quotes for customized products reflecting latest pricing and delivery dates available
  • Making distributed order management more transparent to sales
  • Increasing order fulfillment accuracy with intelligent projections
  • Improving supplier traceability and keeping a check on the quality levels using real-time analysis and reporting
  • A good change from manual inventory management systems with enterprise-wide mobile inventory tracking, traceability and reporting systems
  • Mobile devices to access dashboards accessible to put useful information at the tip of the fingers of all the hierarchies spanning the enterprise
  • Tracking machine-level compliance and providing alerts to production engineering when maintenance is required
  • Tracing quality issues using batches to the machinery used
  • Integrating the Service staff workflows and improvising the efficiencies
  • Logistics and supply chain stakeholders like vendors shifted to mobile based interactions with the system
  • Integrating mobile CRM systems with distributed order management, pricing and fulfillment to improve customer engagement

The Last Word on Enterprise Mobility

Like any other thing done in the modern world, the manufacturing industry too relies more and more every passing day on mobile technologies. And why not? The speed at which the tasks get done increase the efficiency of the processes and the Quality maintained is consistent.

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