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This Independence Week, when we look back on a journey that was long and momentous; we realize that India is a country which has marched into the global arena from very humble beginnings.




Today, India is one of the unquestionably fastest growing markets for IT Services in the world. It is also the most dependable and the largest outsourcing destinations of the world. The conducive environment offered by the government through its various offices by coordinating strategic activities, promoting skill development programmers, enhancing infrastructure capabilities and supporting Research & Development have been giving the due thrust to India’s image on the global platform.


India is now transforming into an IT capital of the modern world as all the major players in the world IT sector have gained a foothold in the country.

Advantages of Software Outsourcing to India

With its geographical location and the historical association with the western world, India offers pronounced advantages compared to other countries as an offshore development center for Custom Software Development and other IT related services.



Association Methods With Software Development Companies in India

There are various popular methods for associating with a software development outsourcing partner in India.

  • Technology Collaboration
    • For the development of a technology to be used in the project where the client does not possess the skill required
  • Process Workflow Partnership
    • To execute a particular functionality of the process workflow like design or testing
  • Turnkey Association
    • To execute all the activities required for the software development life

Deliverable’s by the Indian Outsourcing Partner

The software development outsourcing partner in India delivers various details to maintain transparency and successful culmination of projects.

  • Details of Requirement Specification
  • Details of the Analysis Report
  • The Contract and the Execution details
  • The Software Development Plan
  • Details of Quality Assurance Practices to be adhered to

India emerges as a major software development outsourcing hub in the recent years. Collaborations with Software Development firms in India for outsourcing assignments; offshore, onshore or hybrid, have all proven to be rewarding. The new direction and impetus given to its economic growth by an energetic, futuristic, stable government are indications of associations that are certain to be fruitful.


SPEC INDIA  with 27+ years of experience as an Outsourced software application development partner for clients spread across over 25+ countries using varied technologies provides Customized Solutions in areas of Desktop Application Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Business Intelligence and Analytics.


SPEC INDIA demonstrates its technical and functional capabilities by maintaining a preferred vendor status with Fortune 100 clients year on year. Our Project Management Practices and consistent Quality Assurance Practices put the software developed by us into a different league altogether.


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