The Next Step With iOS 8

When Apple calls iOS 8, its biggest release ever for the operating system, it means business. The simple, elegant designs; a trademark of iOS now become more intuitive, personalized, intelligent and better integrated.



The default keyboard gets a new lease of life. Predictions in QuickType will have a choice, formal or casual. The predictions can be picked up according to the nature of the communication.
For the first time third party keyboards will be possible to install on the devices running iOS 8.

Competition hits iOS 8. Safari is revamped and will become simpler and crisp to match up with Chrome. Bookmarks and reading lists will be hidden unless activated. The most important is that, the picture of credit cards can be used to fill up the details while making a payment through the scan credit card option.
The Duck Duck Go website can become default search engine which prevents user tracking during searching.

Spotlight Enhancement
The Spotlight searches and gives out results based on context and location. For example typing in the name of a monument would give its directions if in the same city but on the other hand will provide the history and architectural details of the same monument if the location does not match.

Enterprise Mobile Device Management
The MDM tools give better facilities to the administrators and integrate the following features in addition to the ones existing

• Keep a check on back up history of devices
• Prevent users from erasing devices
• Control the usage of Safari and iCloud Drive
• Application authentication can be set up with a single sign

Interactive notifications
Notifications are improvised so that messages can be replied to, directly from the notification rather than changing the active app.
Replies can be tapped in directly from the app being used. Notifications can be managed from the notification center or the lock screen itself.

HealthKit comes as a built in app, allowing health monitoring activities. This app would allow monitoring of

• Sleep
• Calories Burnt
• Heart Rate
• Blood Sugar
• Cholesterol
A Medical emergency card can be set up detailing medical history, blood type, emergency contact numbers and allergies to drugs.

Continuity, The iOS Family
The Macs will easily talk to iOS devices now. Meaningful integration of iOS 8 with OS X 10.10 Yosemite enables not only Airdrop file exchange but also tips the users when a Mac is close by through the Proximity Awareness. Tedious messages can be typed through the desktop with Yosemite and then transferred to the iOS. Any task can be switched from iOS to Yosemite or viceversa

Mac desktops will even be able to make or receive phone calls, when coupled with iPhone.

Emails can be marked as read, unread or flagged to provide better management. Messages can be encrypted and signed before sending out.

iCloud Drive
This cloud repository will allow storing all documents and files and access them from all your Mac or iOS devices. Any edits made are automatically synced too.

The Hands Free Siri
Siri will now be always active. Calling out Siri will be handsfree by a command “Hey Siri” with many more dictation languages added.
Siri can be used to make purchases from iTunes as well.

Photos app
All pictures will be automatically stored on the iCloud with free storage space. It goes without saying that these would be available on all the devices set up with the iCloud identity.


Besides the features already available like enhance and crop, the photo app would also be able to straighten and add filters to the pictures. Changes can be reverted and original pictures are always preserved.


SPEC INDIA is ISO 9001:2015 software solution company, offering iOS Applications and iOS Solutions using iOS to work on a range of Apple devices; the iPhones, iPads, iPad Air and iPad Minis demonstrating expertise in various frameworks, Cocoa Touch and core C Programming. The dedicated iOS Testing teams cater to iOS testing services in addition to these.


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