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  • Posted on : February 29, 2016
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Enterprise Mobility

Mobile technologies have changed the world and how! Changing life styles and evolving methods of work find increasing dependencies on various mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and now also the wearables offer flexibilities of working from anywhere anytime. The device of preference also changes according to the time of the day and the increased flexibilities come with a new risks and vulnerabilities.

MDM, a niche Enterprise Mobility Management software put to use in organizations to monitor, manage and secure employee devices with various operating system accessing enterprise systems on the premise or off the premise. Combining this with robust security tools like mobile application management turns it into a comprehensive mobile device security solution.

Making the right choice for a MDM software is not only of prime importance it is also very critical to ensure the safety of the Enterprise Solutions as well.

Mobile Device Management

Enterprise Mobility Management Features

      • Catering to BYOD

Bring Your Own Device a much discussed trend is the policy that permit employees to connect their personal devices to reach to confidential enterprise data and software from both home and work. BYOD surely increases the employee productivity but puts higher responsibilities on the MDM. A good mobility management needs to have various routines like registrations, authentications and servicing policies in place to avoid security breaches.

      • MDM for Devices when Country is Changed

When an Enterprise allows employees to bring their own devices, it also mandatory for them to properly monitor and manage those devices when outside the country as well. Using geolocation, a very common method to track the device position based on its latitude and longitude and geo fencing, the concept of defining virtual boundaries of a device, a good mobile device management software keeps a check on where the device travels. This information can be put to use to ensure various security measures available with the MDM.

        • Check where the employee is present and map it to the system to track productivity and take corrective actions where needed
        • Execute automatic actions in secured areas, like turning off phone camera
      • Multi-device and Cross platform

The large set of devices accessing the enterprise networks come with their own operating systems and hardware. The enterprise mobility management software needs to be geared up to cater to all these ever increasing devices, their Operating Systems and their changing versions.

      • IoT Enabled

Internet of things is the future and Enterprise are very positively strategizing to be ready for it. IoT brings a wide array of devices into the enterprise network and the MDM software clearly needs to be futuristic enough to handle beyond the laptops, mobiles, tablets and smart watches. A future ready mobility management system is the certain right choice

      • User Experience

User Experience would easily be the most discussed term on the internet today. A good UX ensures satisfied customers, partners and employees as well. An enterprise mobile device management software with the appropriate and relevant UI with UX goes a long way and a very important point to be considered while choosing one.

      • Security Planned Well for Mobility Management

Various aspects of security need to be analyzed and planned for in a competent MDM

        • Mobile content management and protection
        • Integrated secure messaging
        • Integrated VPN and/or Firewall
        • Anti-malware protect
        • Stolen Device Management
      • Cloud Enabled MDM

The Cloud is everywhere today. This architectural model which is most definitely a rage today can be used to host an enterprise mobility management software which would be quite easily deployed in a SaaS model to ensure rapid actions and conducive budgets.

MDM to Deliver Taste Faster At Food Delivery Chains

Well known food delivery chains across the world are adopting MDM to encourage BYOD more than anything else. These enterprises encourage all its employees including the ones at back office and the field staff consisting of delivery persons to make use of devices of their choice with BYOD.

The enterprise mobile device management software keeps their devices protected and secure to ensure that the Enterprise System which manages order requests through both web and mobile devices and its data remains safe and secure. The policies are rolled out to keep the deployments safe and ensure a smooth and fulfilling experience for the customers with increased employee efficiency.

In a Nutshell

With every new advance in technology, comes its own set of challenges. SPEC INDIA pioneers in prudent Mobile Device Management policies to make sure that the Data of the Enterprise solutions of its clientele and the devices that come with BYOD remain protected at all times.

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