The Top Reasons to Invest in Customer Relationship Management -eCRM

  • Posted on : July 10, 2015
  • Modified: March 1, 2022

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Customer Relationship Management Software is the most important super set of the sales cycle today. A tool for the employee structure encompassing the various departments that deal with the customers, in the cycle leading right from inquiry, leads, order, invoice and servicing, eCRM has established itself firmly in the scenario.

CRM takes care of the existing customers and the customers that are likely to be culminated as well. It creates and maintains customer relations on multiple channels today leveraging the benefits of social media, websites, emails and other digital tools. Mobile technology seeps into this concept as well and how.

Why Invest in eCRM

Reasons To Invest In CRM

eCRM now shifts from the traditional software based to App driven integrated software. This automated workflows of the company across various employees, build an image and trust in the clients.

  • Sales Department
  • Field Force Department
  • Service Personnel
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Mid-Level Management
  • Top-Level Management

The Top Reasons to Invest in eCRM or mobile eCRM

Ensures Enriching and Satisfactory User Experiences

eCRMs offer very user friendly systems. Since it is a system to build customer trust by empowering the employees with correct tools, it relies heavily on the ease and comfort of using the system. These systems are easy to roll out. They are also easy to be understood and increase the comfort level of users all across the hierarchy.

The modern UI/UX instills confidence in the users of the system, including the customers of the business itself. The system thus becomes conducive and purposeful. Customers become the part of the workflow as well.

eCRM Caters to A Variety of Devices

The new age eCRMs use the mobile techniques prudently. Right from the field sales force, to the in-house workforce to the customers, no system today can predict the device type or its platforms. Correct use of native techniques and cross platform capabilities makes the new age CRMs a delight to use.

eCRMs offer Prudent Data Management

Data storage, synchronization and management shifts from the back office to the Cloud, with the new age eCRMs. Managing data across devices and platforms becomes easier and faster. The compatible storage options offered change the way this software works.

Converges Multiple Sources of Data

Niche BI tools converge raw data from multiple sources from the online world as well as the pen and paper methods into useful information. Probable customers are identified and pursued with a methodical approach with suitable background information as well. Leads managed in this manner stand more chances of promised business rather than leads approached with the traditional methods.

eCRM Integrates Security

Competent eCRM tools offer security through well thought of rational software. Especially with the various mobile devices becoming a part of software systems, MDM – Mobile Device Management policies are formulated to keep the devices and the data on them safe.

Business logic safety is also maintained and integrated into the software. Secure communication protocols ensure the safety of the data during transfers as well.

Keeping a Check on Competition

Competition tracking is an integral part of an intelligent eCRM. Approaches taken by competitors in handling prospective leads are gathered and analyzed. Customer satisfaction analyses is done through various data generated and a deep insight into the market trends and driving forces is built with all this knowledge, helping the sales force to build relationships with customers that are long lasting and trust invoking.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis as a Powerful Tool

Feedbacks, both in form of online/ offline forms or Sales Force logs, give an insight into the mood of the customer. A positive synergy is created with each of the customers, assuring them of being in safe hands.

A satisfied customer they say is the best marketing tool a business can have.

Analytics to Help and Leverage Business Intelligence

Inputs from the various Analytics tools that come bundled with the eCRM, empower the decision makers with information which can lead to intelligent inferences. The organization can strategize the marketing policies according to the statistical data with fruitful interpretations.

Combined with techniques like Self Service BI, the employees are given a free hand to analyze the database with simple tools.

Sales leads followed up with market analysis background tend to lead to positive culminations.

Improved RoI

eCRM improves the efficiency and speed at the various levels of the organization across the Customer Relationship Management cycle. Time consuming tasks are automated and secure and fast data access increases reliability.

This is achieved through app driven solutions in which all of the apps and their related data are in sync with each other, reducing the data management times. GPS and other tracking software give inputs about the field force positions to back office, to keep a check on performance and movements.

Because of these positive traits, the RoI- Returns on Investment improve considerably.

Looking Ahead

Intelligently integrated solutions like Vehicle Tracking Systems, Mobile Device Management and Field Service Maintenance add value to the eCRM and make it more comprehensive.

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