Top 10 Reasons Why Java Continues to Rule

  • Posted on : March 24, 2015
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

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Whenever we converse about any category of application development, there are umpteen programming languages that are prevalent today with their own set of characteristics and features, but the one to grab everyone’s eyeballs since the last about 20 years is the one and only, good old ‘Java’. It is the creation of James Gosling in 1995. With vivid reasons to support its recognition – the most popular being its simplicity, it has managed to surpass many other languages and has emerged as one of the most dependable cross-platform development tools, language, and architecture.

Owing to certain prominent features, Java Application Development still reigns supreme in the empire of programming languages and is on an increasing spread of its technological advancements. There are multiple reasons for this. Let us run through 10 most popular of them, not in any specific order.

Why Java Is So Popular?

Why Java Continues to Rock

  • Simplicity

Its beauty lies in its simplicity. This holds absolutely true for Java. A programming language which can be learnt the easiest way even for a novice; it has a fluent syntax that eases the job of interpreting and coding, as compared to other languages. One just needs to be acquainted with JDK installation and its ready to use.

  • Platform Independence

It very well abides by the concept of ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’. The highly appreciated quality – its platform independence is an exciting feature for Java lovers. Technically, the compiler creates a half compiled code – bytecode unlike an executable, which is then given to the JVM (a layer above the OS that processes the bytecode to execute the application).

  • Open Source

Yet another feather in the cap is its open-source nature. This encourages a lot of modifications and changes such as creating innovative frameworks and make programming simpler and efficient. Owing to Java being free software and its open-source libraries (from a variety of sources like Apache, Google, etc.), there is a vast amount of cost-effectiveness and speed observed.

  • Skilled Resources

Since it is a simplistic and flexible language, developers are attracted to learn it and master it with ease. This is one of the prime reasons that skilled resources are easily available and hence services like ‘Hire a Java Developer’ are on a rising spree, facilitating organizations to develop rich applications, with an expert pool of resources and efficient hiring models.

  • Intelligent IDEs

IDEs are considered easily searchable and hence their inclusion makes Java Application Development much quicker and simpler. With extensive features provided by Eclipse and Netbeans, Jdeveloper, etc., coding is a worthwhile experience for developers. Witnessing competition amongst them, each of them tries to come up with additional features which in turn, become an attraction for developers to use. There are many third party communities which have come up with different tools and add-ons to enhance development.

  • Documentation

One of the reasons it is easily approachable is its enriched API documentation (articles, tutorials, sample coding, etc.). Listing down all the possible details and questions a developer may want to know, this documentation opens in an IDE window, with no browser dependency. There is a high availability of free downloadable documentation also.

  • Ease of Use

With immense community support, it is very easy to use since there is a lot of knowledge sharing and hence developers find it swift and simple to adapt. There are many active forums, wizards, blogs, code snippets, which happily assist in converting novices to experts.

  • Cost-Effective

Since Java is a free language, cost-effectiveness is one of the most positive attractions. For any developer, the cost is always a prime factor. Hence, it is preferred by developers to a large extent.

  • Flexibility

You name the type of application, it has the framework ready. Be it JavaSwing, JavaFX, Servlets, JSP, EJB and may more; it is ready to develop any kind of application. It is rich in serving any kind of need for the programmer. Also, since it sticks to the Object-Oriented Programming language, the system remains modular and flexible.

  • Rich API

Java possesses an enriched API for a diversity of areas like I/O, networking, XML parsing, utilities, databases, and many others. These APIs are seen while installing and are quite useful during the course of development.

Java has succeeded extensively in striking a chord with the developer community and achieving excellence in speed, security, reliability, and portability. What is to be appreciated is there is continual growth in the language by adding on different kinds of Java frameworks, add-ons, plug-ins, and tools. Hence, it keeps pace with the fast-moving technologies and is able to satisfy communities with its performance. Be a Java follower, we already are.


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