Transitioning Your Business From On-Premise Software To SaaS -A Smart Move

  • Posted on : November 3, 2017
  • Modified: February 21, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Custom Software

SaaS is the latest jargon today. No longer is it a technology not known to business enterprises. There is huge debate being faced by business owners whether to stick to the good old traditional on-premise software model or to move on to the latest cloud-based technology – SaaS. Though it may look highly modern and attractive, transitioning to SaaS is not as easy as it looks. It has its own set of teething issues and challenges to face, but if done in a systematic manner with a full proof thought process, it’s surely a nice catch. Today, an increasing number of custom software development companies in the USA have vouched for SaaS as their working model, even though they realize that there will be a certain amount of change in the functioning and working of the organization. SaaS, as a scalable cloud-based solution has become the hot and popular choice amongst organizations, who have started giving up their traditional on-premise solution as against this.

Any day, anytime, change is tough to accept but in this era of enterprise digitization, there is nothing constant but change. Industry leaders & custom software development companies find it tough to move on to the cloud in the beginning, but are convinced to do so, looking at the advantages and flexibility that it offers in terms of time, efforts, costing and productivity. All technology giants have launched their own SaaS-based models and they are all heavily being accepted in the industry. In order to deliver enterprise software solutions par excellence, it is a must to adapt to the changing times and technologies and be at par with the technology upgrades happening around.

Software to SaaS

Key Steps To Simplify The Shift From Traditional To SaaS Approach During Custom Software Development

  • Follow a Planned, Unhurried And Careful Approach

It isn’t compulsory to have all your solutions into SaaS. Any day, it is better to go step by step and move your solutions and employees on the new approach slowly and steadily. As is, any change is not easily acceptable by employees and when it comes to a total changeover, it takes its own pretty time for employees to get themselves used to and welcome the change. As and when employees start getting used to the new solution and technological advancement, gradually, they will themselves, migrate their thought process to the newer days. It isn’t necessary that the grasping speed and the efficiency levels of all employees be the same. Based on their own capacity, the SaaS transition will be adapted and accepted.

  • Look For The Perfect Time And Area To Implement w.r.t Requirements

Having a detailed insight into the existing scenario in terms of requirements, loopholes, efficiency, etc. is one of the best ways to understand when and how should a newer technology like SaaS be implemented so that there is best of absorbance and less rejection by the employees. Only implementing new technology doesn’t suffice, its adaptation and satisfactory acceptance by stakeholders is what matters the most when it comes to the success of the same. Also, based on their needs, the respective solution needs to be suggested, only then can it be of any help in reaching their objectives.

  • Understand, Grasp and Analyze Employee Choices and Needs

Sometimes, it so happens that what you understand of the employees totally backfires on you. Suppose, you assume employees of the organization going in for SaaS are just not exposed to it at all and what actually comes out is some of them are already using it and have a fair idea about its operations. And the confusion starts… At certain places, you assume the employees must be used to many technologies and hence plan bare minimal training but it turns the other way round and the employees don’t have even a bit of an idea about the upcoming technologies. Hence, it is always fair and wise to understand and analyze the user choices from the beginning.

  • Allot Sufficient Time for the Technology Transition

SaaS is a big transition. Hence, it is always better to give in some time before and after the implementation move. For employees, customers and all stakeholder, it is a new concept by the software development company and hence, more the time you give for them to understand, faster will be the returns. Sufficient training, practice and orientation is a must prior to actual implementation. At the same time, giving more time amounts to higher expenses and going out of the budget. Hence, there is a very thin line that has to be maintained for better results.

  • Involve Stakeholders from all Levels Right From Beginning

Since the SaaS implementation affects the entire enterprise, it is essential to have a group, right from the beginning that is comprised of members from all levels, starting from the top. Right from the beginning, if the synergy is built in the teams, it will be a very easy run to implement SaaS in the organization. Not only in the enterprise, but it creates a harmonious and successful environment with the clients too.

  • Pick up Processes which can be Repeated, to be Shifted to SaaS

Once the identification of processes which can be easily replicated and repeated, is done, it becomes an easy task to identify such processes and implement them across domains, customers and locations. This surely speeds up the process of shifting to SaaS without any grievance or unhappiness and that too with a fast speed.

SPEC INDIA has been one of the leading Software Development Companies handling a multitude of industries, spread across the globe and garnering expertise in developing and implementing the best of customer software development and cloud based solutions. Making the most of it, our state-of-the-art custom software development service offerings and cloud based solutions ensure increase profitability and productivity with business efficacy to its maximum.


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