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  • Posted on : July 18, 2014
  • Author : SPEC INDIA
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Node.js is a runtime environment platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime acting as a library for executing JavaScript on the server-side. It is combined with libraries for common web application requirements and uses Google V8, the open source JavaScript engine developed by Google for the Google Chrome web browser to execute code. It runs equally well on Linux and Windows operating systems.




The event-driven model used by Node.js is a non-blocking I/O model. It has been giving excellent results for real-time applications installed on distributed systems on a combination of the ever growing devices.


NodejsNode.js applications increase efficiency and maximize throughput by using non-blocking I/O and asynchronous events.The file and network events in Node.js are multi threaded but the applications run on a single-thread. The asynchronous nature enables Node.js to support real time applications much better with built-in asynchronous I/O libraries for file, socket and HTTP communication. These features eliminate the need of any server-side software and acts as server software itself. It renders a higher degree of user satisfaction by handling multiple client connections at the same time and offering a true real time environment to the client.


Node.js has proven itself to be a competent server-side JavaScript platform. It is no wonder then that it is gradually entering the domain of transaction protection and security. Security assurances can be established for the likes of financial data, enterprise data, client data and so on. A robust security system is set up by integrating Node.js applications with JavaScript to prevent any security threats and attacks.


The Node Security Project is a Node.js community, with three basic targets; Audit npm (Node packaged modules), generate advisories to fix the modules and publish public API and audit results.


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