UI/UX to Design – Keep It Simple Stupid

  • Posted on : June 24, 2014
  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : UI UX

We usually forget our first lessons in computers. Not anymore. A simple user experience unfolded with clear and crisp user interfaces goes a long way in the saga of man-machine interactions. Overwhelming the user with complicated user interactions dispels the user.


User expectations and perceptions are very important factors to be considered in designing the user experience; making it a confluence of art, technology, psychology and cognitive sciences.


UI/ UX gives a definite focus to recreate real life experiences enhanced with technology.


A good design team guesstimates the sequence of user interactions between the users and the solutions by creating scenarios, predicting navigational preferences and impersonating user behavior. The UI tools are put to use to simulate actions and per-visualize the reactions. These mockups help the team to visualize the interaction patterns, interface behaviors and gestures like click, tap, pinches and mouse movements. The insight into the importance and usability of the features to the user of the system established thus helps to create a consistent user experience.


The core elements UIs enable the entire package, UX effectively demonstrate the the strengths of a good design by incorporating intuitive behaviors.


How to Keep it Simple

  • It is not an exhibition of abilities. Do not overwhelm the user.
  • Incorporate only usable features.
  • Know your audience. Have meaningful communication.
  • Plan the UX with subject matter expert.
  • Have a fresh content strategy by keeping the matter lucid and captivating.
  • Remember, UX is collaboration between people and technology.
  • Bring real life objects with the UIs to the digital world.
  • Keep the UI intuitive. Remember, users are simpletons who might never use the fancy stuff.
  • Have an appealing look with the UI. It makes the user have a pleasurable UX.

The User Experience

A satisfying UX is a good mix of various aspects.


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