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Unity3D is an integrated authoring game development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating wonderful games. It also can be used for other interactive content such as architectural visualizations or real time 3D animations. It support Microsoft Window and Mac OSX as development platform. Unity give ability to create game application for iPhone, Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii etc. Unity will be coming soon for Flash, Linux and Google native client. Latest version Unity 3.4 support Integration of Algorithmically Substance and
Editor improvements for more effective game development.

1. Editor:
Every part of the this editor has been made such as each developer become productive Features:
a. Unity game engine is integrated with the Unity development environment which allows you to see instantly what you have developed.
b. Facility to construct scene easily and faster with full range of features such as grid, surface snapping,vertex snapping,scene-view camera previews, setting up complex properties as simple as click-and-drag.
c. All assets are imported automatically and immediately upon save, whether they are sounds , animations ,3D models, textures or scripts. your assets can be updated at any moment, even while you are playing your game inside the Editor.
d. The Unity Asset Server is an asset and version control solution, using PostgreSql as a backend. It has a graphical user interface integrated into it. It is intended to be used by members of team working together on a project on different computers either remotely or in-person.
2. Engine:
The Unity engine provides amazing quality and blazing speed with following features,
a. Rendering
b. Lightning,
c. Leading Audio engine
d. Built in physics
e. Real time networking using Raknet
f. Integrated textures
g. Support of three scripting languages: JavaScript, C#, and a dialect of Python named Boo with native-code performance.
3. Publishing:

Unity 3 makes you able to target all platforms from a single tool. Within a project you have full control over delivery to all platforms.It makes you able to publish developed game on all supported platforms.

There are two main licenses Unity (free) and Unity Pro (Paid). Both versions include the development environment, tutorials, sample projects and content, support through forum, wiki, and future updates in the same major version.

For more detail and reference visit : http://unity3d.com/

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