Vehicle Tracking System – Unearth the Genuine Potential of Fleet Tracking Data

Wanting to track vehicle and driver information, of all your company vehicles, all through their routes? If yes, the first and foremost need would be to stop over and analyze the bulk of fleet data, that you have been harnessing all these years and use it for a better security and monitoring of the fleet. Little do we realize that there is so much of valuable data produced by the fleet but there is hardly any informative output out of it? No wonder we will never be able to realize how much helpful that information can be, to us and can benefit the business in terms of efficiency, security, effectiveness and maximizing ROI.

If you really want to effectively analyze and utilize your fleet tracking data, the apt answer is to implement a robust GPS fleet tracking system, which attempts to gather all possible information from the fleets and provides necessary and intelligent outputs in terms of reports, dashboards, alerts and notifications. Your Vehicle Tracking System is your parallel system, which is continuously riding along, virtually, keeping a strict watch on the vehicles and drivers on the route. You need not be present there to keep a watch. It acts as your counterpart in monitoring the vehicle activities.

On a fundamental note, any GPS Vehicle Tracking software works on the magic shown by GPS hardware fitted in the vehicle. Through the global positioning systems, vehicles are tracked in real-time through satellite systems. It provides the management with real time alerts and information directly from the vehicle to the software console.

Your Fleet Tracking Data is highly valuable. Make the Most of it with GPS Vehicle Tracking Software.

Vehicle Tracking System

Now we know that fleet tracking data has not to be neglected. But what is it that it provides? Let us have a look at the showcasing features of a Vehicle Tracking System that grasps the fleet tracking data at the base and builds a comprehensive and scalable system on top of it.

  • Strict Vigilance on the Driver

Apart from tracking where exactly your vehicle is, it is very important to ascertain the behavior of the driver. It is a necessary step for vehicle safety and better productivity. There are certain Vehicle Tracking Software that not only track rough driving and fast speed but also have inbuilt apps to perceive the behavior of the driver and if not suitable, inform the seniors with exact details. It also gives you a details report of your driver’s activities like how long have they been idle, asleep or working. Their productivity is transparent to be judged and monitored.

  • Better Routing Patterns

One of the most wanted and most common outputs of a Vehicle Tracking Software is the information about where your vehicle is going, i.e. the route information. But, what is actually to be obtained is the value added information of what actually the route should be, so as to increase cost effectiveness and decrease fuel consumption. There is a large amount of evaluation that can be performed to come up with an ideal route pattern, which includes planning your routes according to the need of the day and extract various dimensions of information like delivery time, speed, fuel use, idle time, delay period etc. you can also plan out new routes to experiment and compare against the already existing ones.

  • Value Added Software Integration

A seamless integration with other third party software can turn out quite beneficial to the churned out vehicle information. Imagine the entire process of order taking to invoicing to delivery as a comprehensive process being catered to. The usability and worth of the fleet tracking data would surely be a great support to the entire system.

  • Enhanced Cost Effectiveness

The perfect implementation of a Vehicle Tracking System would lead to reduced costs in each and every periphery – be it fuel, maintenance, mobile, fleet management and so on. In case of a strong synergy between the fleet and the solution, the top management would yield positive results and synergies in the form of accurate reports, dashboards, alerts an notifications.

  • Maximized ROI

You can save a lot through GPS Tracking Software. With exact calculations of ROI, number of vehicles, employee details, average generated, cost of fuel, hourly wages, working days etc., it becomes a simplistic task to calculate how much you can save with this software.

  • Management of Field Assets

There is a high level of visibility for business enterprises to look at the other mobile assets, especially where there is no physical scrutiny available, the software works on its behalf to generate a higher level of safety and accurateness.

What is happening where and how? This is what will be a sure shot output of an efficient Vehicle Tracking Software, based on the huge volume of fleet tracking data that is generated along with the route traversal.

Value Added Solutions with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) solution

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Vehicle Tracking System

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