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  • Posted on : February 2, 2016
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

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‘Is it tough for you to control the increased turn-around time on the field?’, ‘Finding it difficult to track the location of your field engineers?’ – The ultimate solution to these evergreen issues is implementation of a robust and efficient Service and Maintenance Application.

Routine service and maintenance inspections and repairs are an integral part of any business – small, medium or large. Hence, an efficient and productive service and maintenance procedures is a must at all places. But to automate this process and augment it with further bettered quality and swiftness, what is essential is an easy to use, cost effective enterprise service and maintenance solution that lets you track, manage and monitor maintenance and repair schedules of any organization. This application aims towards handling, planning and monitoring the routine maintenance activities of an organization including generating alerts and notifications when the activity is due. It is as simple as it sounds – just define the customer information with the product details, set the schedules for service and maintenance and leave the rest to the app to handle. It surely makes a difference. You have to use it to know its wonders. Of course, there are detailers to it like different type of maintenance – Preventive, Predictive and Annual. So, it surely has to be an app that can handle multiple arms of the same wing.

Some very prominent features of an ideal app are:

  • Swift and simplistic client management
  • Efficient management of AMC, PMC, Complaints etc.
  • Scheduling and monitoring of complaints
  • Various types of alerts, notifications, emails and graphical reports / dashboards to notify multi faceted tasks
  • Defining and managing time based contracts and its renewals
  • Scheduling service engineer visits in such a way that it covers an optimum path with efficiency

Service and Maintenance Application

Why are Service and Maintenance Software Vital to Business Growth and Success?

Whatsoever may be the end product, its service, maintenance and repair is a must and has to be dealt with professionally in order to lengthen its life and efficiency. Doing this job manually is indeed a challenge and almost impossible to do at its best. The one great relief that prove to be a boon to avoiding this manual task is the entry of a Service and Maintenance software that will take up the entire manual process on its shoulder to provide the enterprise smooth and highly satisfying experience.

More often, enterprises think of maintenance as a highly expensive and burdensome job, which is taking away your profits. But it is exactly the opposite. A proper maintenance procedure will prove to increase your business profits and strengthen your assets. It is sure to reduce downtime and optimize performance of the asset. Depending upon the business, the strategy and guidelines to implement this solution may vary but the fundamental guideline and motive behind the entire exercise remains the same.

Throw away your problems right from start, don’t let them hinder your organizational growth and success, monitor your assets with close eyed vision, make your customers happy and satisfied – all of these can be obtained with the effective implementation of a service and maintenance app.

Preventive V/s Predictive Maintenance – What is What?

So often, we have heard of Preventive Maintenance to be most common amongst service and maintenance of assets. It is a planned activity and easy to manage since resources are dedicated to it right from beginning, whereas Predictive Maintenance is bent upon using the real-time data to portray the actual asset condition and thereby, predict what could the possible need of the hour may be and act accordingly, much before it is actually needed. This surely reduces the cost overhead and makes you discard unnecessary demands and overheads.

Of course, a preventive measure is always needed but doesn’t suffice anymore. Today, the need is moving towards a predictive process which is needed for identification of problems well in advance and predicting the outcomes to plan for action items, based on that. Preventive maintenance is the most known procedure for enterprises; however, predictive maintenance is getting more popular with innovative and well equipped software that any industry, that talks about multiple assets, gain.

While using predictive maintenance, it is easy to prioritize schedules based on the seriousness of the task. Frequency of jobs can be lessened to an extent, due to which field force can be freed to focus more on the mission critical items.

SPEC INDIA offers a cluster of enterprise business solutions – competitive, robust and ready-to-go, derived from the domain experience and best practices of various industries. Our enterprise offerings are key frameworks that can be easily tailored and customized as per business requirements. One such framework is eSAM-Electronic Service and Maintenance Application.

Visit and schedule a FREE DEMO to know more about this enterprise offering.


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