Education & eLearning Solutions

Technology; besides turning Education interesting and engaging, also offers methodologies to facilitators for teaching, monitoring and analyzing students along with support for administrative tasks for universities & schools.

Learning & Assessment Models from SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA blends in its technological abilities to offer comprehensive solutions to enhance and support the Education Domain.

  • Learning Simulations
  • App Driven Learning
  • Game Based Interactive Learning
  • Mobile Based Assessment of Academic Proficiency
  • Self-Directed Learning Platforms
  • Institution Management

SPEC INDIA Education & eLearning Solutions

iAssessment System

iAssessment revolutionizes the way students take their tests and the methods of evaluation. A comprehensive solution with support for creating, conducting and evaluating the tests, iAssessment also provides insights to ensure continuous test processes by incorporating modern day techniques like Cloud and Mobility.

  • Features
    • Flexibility to conduct exams within classrooms or outside, without a power source or network
    • A local data store on each device to avoid the need to be connected constantly
    • Encryption and signatures for safety & privacy
    • Practical, affordable and flexible assessments in the Cloud
    • Common question types allowing creation of well-structured exams tailored to suit specific needs
    • Evaluation specific to the test as well as participant
    • Test statistics to ensure relevant mentoring

University Management System

This innovative solution from SPEC INDIA enables Schools & Universities across the globe for day to day management. It also keeps a track of student performances with continuous analysis & appraisals with an aim to improvise scores ensuring clearance of the competitive exams. A powerful BI & Analytics support takes care of the analysis and predictions to provide better insights.

This comprehensive solution takes care of general administration including management of faculty, students & courses and offers automation for the admission process to the universities.

This solution is available across devices and platforms for easy and quick access.

  • Features
    • Administration & Online Support
    • Registrations & Admissions through web application
    • Student, Faculty, Course, Semester, Class, Transcript Management
    • Academic planner & scheduler
    • Financial Aid Management
    • Communication & Email
    • Course schedules, tracking & upload of reading material
    • Student Enrolments, grades & progress tracking
    • Faculty Management with Student Advisement Programs
    • Mobile app for students to track courses, grades & reading material
    • Analytics & Reports to generate critical information
    • Consolidated faculty performance analysis
    • Consolidated student portfolio
    • Forecasting competitive exam pass rate based on historical data with estimated goals
    • School course catalog requirements with student enrollment details
    • School performance analysis for competitive exams with other schools

Interactive Learning Apps for K to 12 students

iPads completely revolutionize the teaching pedagogy to suit the expectations of the students today as also offering appropriate digital lesson plans to their mentors.

Interactive learning apps are specially designed as a step away traditional classroom methodologies to move towards inclusive learning. High on the fun quotient, Interactive Learning Apps make the most of gamification in education to keep the audience enticed & informed meeting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

  • Included with the Apps
    • Teacher Guides
    • Printables
    • Subject Content
    • Topic Questions
    • Comprehension Questions
    • Open Discussion Questions
    • Interactive Activities
    • Memory Match Game
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Videos

Education BI Analytics Solution

An intuitive BI & Analytics based solution to help schools & universities arrive at logical conclusions to increase the efficiency in administration and functioning of the institute, this offering from SPEC INDIA covers it all; data curation, data visualization & generation of actionable data.

The system offers insights into the student abilities and devise plans to improvise their proficiencies. The system also continuously monitors the performances of both students & their faculty.

  • Features
    • Consolidated Faculty Performance Analysis
    • Course stats showing no. of enrolled students, course engagement by country, age, gender and profession
    • University scorecard with details of students passed, failed, average score and circuit wise analysis
    • Drop-out and Pass-out ratio trend analysis
    • Rich Data Visualization to help in identifying performing and non-performing students/faculties
    • Predicting student performances

Our Service Offerings for Education & eLearning Solutions

  • Feasibility study of university requirements
  • Prototype Design or a PoC
  • Design & development of comprehensive solutions with integrated web and mobility support powered by appropriate BI & Analytics
  • Developing backend solutions, web services to interface with back office legacy systems
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