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Technology; besides turning Education interesting and engaging, also offers methodologies to stakeholders for teaching, monitoring and analysing students along with support for administrative tasks for universities & schools. We @ SPEC INDIA blend in our technological abilities, to offer comprehensive solutions to enhance and maintain the support systems of educational institutions and universities. These solutions have been implemented by well-known and recognized technology driven universities across the globe, leveraging the potential of the below key focus areas:

  • Learning Simulations
  • App Driven Learning & Assessment
  • Self-Directed Learning Platforms
  • Institution Management

SPEC INDIA’s Assessment & Evaluation Solution

Our Assessment & Evaluation solution revolutionizes the way students take their tests and the methods of evaluation. A comprehensive solution with support for creating, conducting and evaluating the tests, it also provides insights to ensure continuous test processes by incorporating modern day techniques like Cloud and Mobility.

Key Features

  • Flexibility to conduct exams within classrooms or outside, without a power source or network
  • A local data store on each device to avoid the need to be connected constantly
  • Encryption and signatures for safety & privacy
  • Practical, affordable and flexible assessments in the Cloud
  • Common question types allowing creation of well-structured exams tailored to suit specific needs
  • Evaluation specific to the test as well as participant
  • Test statistics to ensure relevant mentoring

Other Key Solutions in the Education Domain by SPEC INDIA

  • Beacon based solution has been one of the most comprehensive solutions, taking care of visitors around the campuses and also monitoring movement of students in and out of classes, integrated appropriately with beacon support. To delve deeper, visit our Beacon Based Solutions
  • University Management solution enables schools & universities across the globe for day to day management. It also keeps a track of student performances with continuous analysis & appraisals with an aim to improvise scores ensuring clearance of the competitive exams. This comprehensive solution takes care of general administration including management of faculty, students & courses and offers automation for the admission process to the universities.
  • Interactive Learning Apps for K to 12 students are specially designed as a step away traditional classroom methodologies to move towards inclusive learning. High on the fun quotient, Interactive Learning Apps make the most of gamification in education to keep the audience enticed & informed meeting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Our Offerings under Education & eLearning Solutions

  • Feasibility study of campus requirements
  • Prototype Design or Proof of Concept
  • Beacon based Campus Guide Mobile Application
  • Design & development of comprehensive solutions with integrated web and mobility support powered by appropriate BI & Analytics
  • Developing backend solutions, web services to interface with back office legacy systems

How are SPEC INDIA’s Education & eLearning Solutions Apt to Maximize RoI?

  • Reduction in the training time by at least 50%
  • Cost reduction pertaining to physical test centres and related logistics
  • Competitive advantage with a boost in marketing presence
  • Quick response on evaluation results and feedback
  • Significant reduction in documentation costs
  • Lessening of training cycle time
  • Innovativeness adding value to business
Author - admin_specindia, Updated Date - January 4, 2017

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