Website Design For Healthcare Domain

Whether it’s a therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, speech therapy, or requirement for medical specialists, the Healing hands website offers complete medical services to help patients recover fast and stay healthy and fit. Having a testimonial section adds more to its credibility, helping prospective patients to avail the best health services.

The website of this design has a simple yet attractive theme combined with straight-forward navigation. With accessible sections and clean design elements, this website offers the best user experience for healthcare services.

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Be Fit App – Fitness App For Activity Tracking

Be Fit – A fitness app for activity tracking, that tracks your steps, distance, calories, time, etc. and Provides personalized insights and reports accordingly. This app facilitates the user with daily water intake tracking functionality. It allows you to determine the water intake as per your height, weight, and age. This app helps the user to stay healthy, fit, and hydrated.

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Caregiver App

Project Overview

This caregiver app targets caregivers and provides them with a single platform to manage schedules, be in sync with their offices or agencies, view patients’ details, and enter visit notes.

With a focus to provide better patient care in the homes, the caregiver app manages care plans, schedules, and patients on the go and eases the processes for home care agencies.

Health Insurance Analytics

Project Overview

A solution using the Pentaho Community stack for a leading organization in health insurance domain catering to alternative health insurances for customers unable to identify appropriate insurances.

It manages an initial conversation with the customer whenever there are any health issues and provides proper guidance along with managing doctor’s visit. This easy to access software helps to make data-driven decisions and enables to keep a pulse on the entire business. Being reasonably priced, it is the perfect solution for the customers who are not insured.

Health Application To Track Daily Water Intake

Project Overview

Having difficulties in meeting hydration goals? Here’s the simple solution. WaterMinder is an intuitive and useful water reminder app (app that reminds you to drink water) to track your water intake throughout the day. You can view your hydration balance progress, calculate your water goal based on your body weight, and get yourself motivated through reminders to drink water.

We can’t ignore the importance of water to stay fit and healthy! Whether you are an athlete, sportsperson, or simply a professional who works in the office, this app helps to balance water intake in your body. Let this useful hydration app help you keep your body well hydrated!

Mole Monitor App

Project Overview

App provides a safe and accurate way to map moles & skin lesions using a phone for promoting early diagnosis as key in preventing the progress of melanoma and other harmful skin conditions.

Clinic Management System

Project Overview

A web-based application, a practice management system software to automate the entire operations of a clinic, starting from patient registration to report generation & collection.