UI Kit For Restaurant Menu

This app was specially designed for a café restaurant. It comprises of the main menu items, their attractive pictures, and their rates. Since it showcases the menu, it has a colorful, attractive and eye-catching backdrop.

Users find it easy to find out their needed menu item since the design showcases almost all of them on the main menu itself. Even the ingredients in each of the menu items are displayed in smaller fonts to ease out the user’s confusion.

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Full-Scale Laundry Management System With POS and Customer App

Project Overview

The laundry service industry requires a digital and integrated solution to automate end-to-end laundry and dry cleaning operations.

We have helped two leading laundry and dry-cleaning service companies to carry out laundry management functions effortlessly, effectively, and quickly. Laundry management systems are designed to help streamline laundry management in an automated environment and deliver a better customer experience by using a centralized and customized solution. This laundry and dry cleaning software can be used by different types of users – end customers, pick-up agents, dry cleaners, and laundry shop owners.

An efficient laundry shop management system equips with smart features and full-scale monitoring of operations that include order placement, garment collection, garment processing in factories, discount & price calculation, clothes tagging, washing, packaging, delivery challan creation, invoicing, and payment.

Key Modules Of Laundry System Software:

  • Store Module
  • Admin Module
  • Factory Module
  • Delivery App
  • Customer Mobile App 

Data Analytics for Travel Agency

Project Overview

The business intelligence solution is developed for travel agency facilitating the customer for Airlines booking, Hotel Accommodation and Hire a Car service. With this solution, the company can give answers to the queries like ‘which are the most profitable airlines/hotel’, ‘which is the time when most customers are using our product’ etc and based on this, the company gains meaningful insights and real-time data.

The solution developed using the Pentaho community stack which analyzes the data and makes the data-driven decisions for the organizations which increases the work productivity