Stock Market Dashboard

Project Overview

A USA-based client required an effective stock dashboard with a live feed feature that can keep updating the organization’s financial information at a regular interval and that too, automatically. Our main aim was to offer a cutting-edge solution that works on modern-day technologies and hence we chose SignalR as our preferred tool.

SignalR is an open-source library that offers simplification of real-time web functionality to apps. It is considered perfect for dashboards and monitoring apps, collaborative apps, apps that require high-frequency updates and notifications.

The representation of a real-time stock dashboard that shows real-time stock market information was feasible with a combination of ASP .NET Core and SignalR.

Work Order And Task Management Application

Encompassing the entire workflow starting from the login screen to work order listing till navigation, this well-designed work order and task management app is multi-functional and comprehensive.

The design elements are crisp, clear and well-defined. It has a sober and soft color scheme that makes the UI easily understandable, less complicated and genuine. There is least of clutter around the page layouts, making it easy for the user to navigate through.

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Task Management App

A multi-function app – well designed, smart and intuitive – the task management mobile app takes care of many functions like scan QR codes, performing day-to-day activities, feeding in add-in information, clicking pictures of work finished and getting geo-information of the upcoming tasks.

The design elements are clearly arranged to showcase the addition of new jobs, the formation of the job lists, overdue reminders, etc. The user-friendly navigation, seamless integration with third-party software, highly understandable elements and robustness are its key features.

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Corporate Website Redesigned to Offer Unmatched User Experience.

This beautifully redesigned corporate website has mimic graphics and is robust enough to impress at first sight. Pixel perfect images, easy navigation, and the minimal design cut down the website clutter and focus on the important elements to make customers visit a great experience than ever.

This redesigning of the corporate website resulted in increased user interaction, conversion rates, more leads, and higher sales.

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Web App Development For Job Searching and Posting

The easiest way to get a job which fits you.

This smart design complements a comprehensive solution for searching employees, resumes and posting jobs. The design offers an interface to map the job openings and candidates with the right information.

Simplicity, usability, content placement, contextual awareness, and, few taps are the mainstay of our design principles. We craft design in a way that enables to meet design goals, engage customers with the website and convert visitors into customers.

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Employee Shift Management/Scheduling App

Responsive app for practical and easy shift management of employees across franchises and participating stores. Available in both web and mobile version. Red Slot offers uniform user experiences across devices of choice.

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Artisans Collaboration Platform

Project Overview

This app provides a one-stop networking platform for artisans, service providers, and traders to connect with their customers.  The app is built with an aim to connect and collaborate with buyers and sellers from all over the world to promote their products and services.

In order to promote the work of local artisans globally, this app allows artisans to showcase the skills, manage the gallery, and to carry out any project. Visitors can visit, find, and connect with various artisans, service providers, and traders regardless of geographical boundaries.

A financially viable business model is offered with no middleman involved, no brokerage, no add-ons costs and free accounts for users & a low annual subscription for the Artisans.

Tigrinya App

Project Overview

Tigrinya App helps to read and write the way you were meant to, with the language you think in. The application offers Ge’ez font and phrasebook in Tigrinya, Tigre, and Amharic which enables the users to share words easily written in Ge’ez.

The app has in-built Tigrinya keyboard which provides word suggestions with the fastest Ge’ez language recommendation engine. It helps users in writing in almost any app (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.) without compromising with the speed. Font installer to read Ge’ez script based languages in any app