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This e-commerce website design presents the use of modern trends in design, making shopping experience great like never before. It is equipped with user-friendly UI/UX, mobile responsiveness, and fully-fledged e-commerce functionalities.

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Referral Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Store

Project Overview

This platform targets micro-influencer marketing that lets customers share the deals with their friends and families. A happy customer is your best marketer – leveraging this fact, this tool helps e-commerce companies to boost the revenues with the powerful referral campaigns.

Enterprise Service And Maintenance Application

Project Overview

This application carries out field service and maintenance activities including service call assignments, failure call management, escalation matrix, call based servicing, scheduling visits, tracking of used spares and much more.

This solution easily manages the customer’s ticket by assigning the dedicated engineers; creating a streamlined workflow.  It provides reports that summarize field engineer’s day-to-day activities, Annual, Maintenance Contracts, call failures etc.; which ultimately enable faster analysis and help to make informed decisions.

Customized Timer App

Project Overview

A quick, easy and reliable way to run multiple timers at once! With this app, you can set up a timer for different activities such as cooking, study, work out, meditation sessions and much more.

It can run at the same time, independently started and enables you to easily see the progress details. This app provides intuitive, clean, simple look and you can customize it by adding icon colors, name and sound. Customized Timer app is the perfect app to boost your productivity!