Propt Listing – Online Real Estate Platform to Buy and Sell Properties

Propt-Listing, an online platform to buy or sell the real estate property effortlessly. User can find the desired property with the help of advanced search facility, get the notifications about latest offers and can explore the properties in a well-bifurcated list of various categories. Property owners can easily register and put their property to sell.

Propt-listing is a beautifully designed website which offers pixel-perfect images and detailed information about properties which help customers to select the property. The website contains clean user interface, user-friendly navigation to make the user experience smoother than ever.

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Real Estate Portal Development

This real-estate website is designed in a visual hierarchy way where visitors naturally gravitate towards the most important elements of the website. It is effectively designed with minimal color palette, relevant call-to-action, easy navigation, clean code etc. which attracts many eye-balls and maximize conversions.

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Real Estate Management Web Portal

Project Overview

The client is one of the largest real estate franchise networks in the world operating in 80+ countries and employing over 85,000 agents across the world.

Introducing a new business model, the organization has established itself as a professional real estate solution provider and covers a broad spectrum in real estate.

A CMS portal allowing the users to search for specific properties with integrated Google Maps and keywords. It enables agents and offices to create microsites to showcase the properties they manage, with innovative and individual ideas to keep the visitors fruitfully engaged.

Web Portal To Find Property Management Experts

Project Overview

A web portal to find property management experts with their portfolios to avail advice on your property management.

It serves as a platform to find property managing agents with their experience, past projects, accomplishments, project sizes, and locations. Based on the information, the website performs advanced search and provides you best agent.

You can also get a review for your building, compare the recommendations, and select the best agents to meet your needs.