Health Insurance Analytics

Project Overview

A solution using the Pentaho Community stack for a leading organization in health insurance domain catering to alternative health insurances for customers unable to identify appropriate insurances.

It manages an initial conversation with the customer whenever there are any health issues and provides proper guidance along with managing doctor’s visit. This easy to access software helps to make data-driven decisions and enables to keep a pulse on the entire business. Being reasonably priced, it is the perfect solution for the customers who are not insured.

BI Analytics Solutions for Logistics Business

Project Overview

A solution for a key client in the global logistics market, providing seamless international transportation solutions under one umbrella. The customized BI solution using Pentaho community stack supports their global export services, providing a local logistic view with a global vision.

Since it is a rapidly growing global logistics agency, it is receiving the prime point of concern is that each member is capturing the transactions data in various data sources, individually, which needs to be integrated seamlessly in a single form.

This solution streamlines a large amount of data from various shipping industry members captured in a variety of data sources to measure the critical KPIs of the members & define the steps to improve productivity.

Data Analytics & BI Platform For Education Domain

Project Overview

A system for a leading law school in the USA whose students are reputed to clear the toughest of the competitive California Bar exams.

This Analytics & BI reporting solution helps keep track of faculty & student performances and constantly points to the missing gaps in achieving winning performances.

Sales And Distribution BI Platform

Project Overview

A comprehensive BI solution for a global food and beverage leader with net revenues of more than $65 billion and a product portfolio that includes 22 brands generating more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales. Company is one of the Fortune 500 companies and also a part of Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA).

The solution helps the client in conducting effective data analytics for Global & User specific views of their products.

It is also focused on generating insights for various key decision makers to analyze performances through centralized dashboards & global scorecards to view various KPIs in a single view. It facilities senior management to define the goals and perform a goal based analysis.

Data Analytics for Travel Agency

Project Overview

The business intelligence solution is developed for travel agency facilitating the customer for Airlines booking, Hotel Accommodation and Hire a Car service. With this solution, the company can give answers to the queries like ‘which are the most profitable airlines/hotel’, ‘which is the time when most customers are using our product’ etc and based on this, the company gains meaningful insights and real-time data.

The solution developed using the Pentaho community stack which analyzes the data and makes the data-driven decisions for the organizations which increases the work productivity

Digital Marketing Campaign Analytics Solution

Project Overview

A Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution for a leading global FMCG brand with four major categories of the product; oral care, personal care, home care, and pet nutrition. The solution helps in doing effective data analytics and also identifies the historical sales patterns to design marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Self-service BI helps the end users to design the dashboards and enabled them to generate reports as per their specific needs.


Data Analytics for News Agency

Project Overview

A cloud-based BI analytics solution was designed for leading news agency to analyze a large amount of historical data from various data sources. With an aim to increase its subscription, pentaho community stack is used which provided data-driven insights and generates real-time data. This effectively designed solution can minimize the churn rate and help to create an effective digital marketing campaign strategy.

BI Analytics for Telecom

Project Overview

A customized solution for CDR Network Traffic Analysis and OCN Analysis using the Pentaho stack for a leading company providing database services as well as analytics to the telecommunication industry.

The software customizes the Pentaho Community Edition, with “White Labeling”, to provide a look and feel of the desired application maintaining the company standards.