Propt Listing – Online Real Estate Platform to Buy and Sell Properties

Propt-Listing, an online platform to buy or sell the real estate property effortlessly. User can find the desired property with the help of advanced search facility, get the notifications about latest offers and can explore the properties in a well-bifurcated list of various categories. Property owners can easily register and put their property to sell.

Propt-listing is a beautifully designed website which offers pixel-perfect images and detailed information about properties which help customers to select the property. The website contains clean user interface, user-friendly navigation to make the user experience smoother than ever.

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Lakme India – An eCommerce Website to Buy Cosmetics

Lakme India is an eCommerce platform offering all the beauty products of Lakme. User can check out various products with in-depth details along with product pictures. Informative cart, quick and easy checkout and tracking of shipping status is a plus point for the customers as it makes cosmetic shopping easy and quick!

A well-designed website with a clear interface, showcasing the size and colors of the product with detailed information. The website has an intuitive UI component to make the user experience smoother. The online store consists of classic background and layouts to offer a great shopping experience.

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Furnitude – An Intuitive eCommerce Furniture Store

Furnitude is one of the leading brands selling luxurious furniture via both online and offline presence across the globe. We create masterful pieces of the furniture that are functional, durable and beautiful.

Attractive and well-designed e-commerce website provides in-depth details about each furnishing item along with images to the buyers and helps them to take the next step towards ownership of it.

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Events Now – Web Development For Unique Events Planning Services

From weddings to social galas to private parties, events now pushes the boundaries of creativity to make sure that each of the event organized is unique and unforgettable.

A highly trained and cohesive team of experienced professionals provides unique insights and pays attention to every detail to create beautiful and stress-free events regardless of the budget.

It facilities with an option of online shopping where you can purchase Cakes, Dress, Flowers, Gifts etc.

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Foodenzy – Web Development For Online Cooking Recipes

They say good food is a good mood. That’s why we are here to help you cook delicious, every single day. Whether you are finding yummy recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, here is a nice solution. Browse from a broad array of every type of recipe, here, without many efforts.

What should I cook today? – That’s the most difficult questions for the cooks, home chefs, and housewives around the world. We made it easy for you. Take a look at the ingredients you have, enter those into the search bar, and you are all set to explore versatile recipes to convert ordinary eating experience into the delightful one.

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My Shop – eCommerce Design

This e-commerce website design presents the use of modern trends in design, making shopping experience great like never before. It is equipped with user-friendly UI/UX, mobile responsiveness, and fully-fledged e-commerce functionalities.

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Web App Development For Job Searching and Posting

The easiest way to get a job which fits you.

This smart design complements a comprehensive solution for searching employees, resumes and posting jobs. The design offers an interface to map the job openings and candidates with the right information.

Simplicity, usability, content placement, contextual awareness, and, few taps are the mainstay of our design principles. We craft design in a way that enables to meet design goals, engage customers with the website and convert visitors into customers.

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