Artisans Collaboration Platform

Project Overview

This app provides a one-stop networking platform for artisans, service providers, and traders to connect with their customers.  The app is built with an aim to connect and collaborate with buyers and sellers from all over the world to promote their products and services.

In order to promote the work of local artisans globally, this app allows artisans to showcase the skills, manage the gallery, and to carry out any project. Visitors can visit, find, and connect with various artisans, service providers, and traders regardless of geographical boundaries.

A financially viable business model is offered with no middleman involved, no brokerage, no add-ons costs and free accounts for users & a low annual subscription for the Artisans.

Online Examination Web Application (OSCE Manager)

Project Overview

The OSCE-manager is an open source software which is specifically designed for one of the leading universities of Switzerland. This solution can be used by medical schools across the world to facilitate and manage OSCE – Objective Structured Clinical Examinations as per the medical examination standards.

With a sole aim to help organize exams, this web application covers all organizational aspects to conduct OSCE exams efficiently and effortlessly through the automation of processes.  The web solution provides a step-by-step explanation of modules with comprehensive user documentation.

Main Modules of the solution:

  • Academic Teacher
  • Simulated Patient
  • Cases
  • Stations

Project And Task Management Software (Web & Mobile App)

Project Overview

There are 2 components of the project; a web application & a mobile application. The web application would help the organization to set up employees, branches, shifts, projects, and tasks. From mobile, the user can sign-in if he is in a branch location. The manager can assign project and tasks to the user. A user can start working on the task, pause/resume tasks from the mobile app. Manager/employee can comment on the task.

Additionally, the User can apply for leave, off-duty hours, absence requests as well. A user can receive notifications on assigning tasks, applying leaves and so on. A user can manage past notifications from the notification section.

Fleet ERP System

Project Overview

The client is a US-based, globally leading shipment & tracking company. This fleet management system ERP accurately assists in shipment management, user or member management, and reports generation.

Fleet ERP is simultaneously used by around 600+ concurrent users & overall 6000+ users on a single server in 35 offices spread across 23 countries.

Tailor-Made Multichannel Sales CRM Software

Project Overview

A standard multi-lingual web-based interface for a German client to offer a web-based Retail Campaign Management System to enhance Campaign management. This system is offered as a part of the client’s existing CRM system.

Heartiest Congratulations to our Vaadin 7 Certified Developers

We, @ SPEC INDIA, are proud to announce that seven of our developers from our Java team have recently cleared the Vaadin 7 certification exam in the very first attempt. The achievers are:

  • Aakash Thakare
  • Imran Momin
  • Rikin Shah
  • Maulik Adiecha
  • Hiren Pandit
  • Parth Rami
  • Rohit Dobariya


Vaadin is a popular open source web framework used for developing rich internet apps. Vaadin conducted a certification week from November 28th 2016 to December 4th 2016, where our team participated. This exam is quite challenging and clearing in the first attempt is challenging and tough. Across the globe, only 1004 Vaadin 7 certified developers are there and we are proud to be a part of this fraternity now. SPEC INDIA has been using this open source framework extensively in developing front end UI for enterprise solutions.

Congratulations to our bright and vibrant team for gaining this well-deserved accolade. It has been a very proud and delightful moment for SPEC INDIA and we look forward to having many more such champions in the organization.