Stock Market Dashboard

Project Overview

A USA-based client required an effective stock dashboard with a live feed feature that can keep updating the organization’s financial information at a regular interval and that too, automatically. Our main aim was to offer a cutting-edge solution that works on modern-day technologies and hence we chose SignalR as our preferred tool.

SignalR is an open-source library that offers simplification of real-time web functionality to apps. It is considered perfect for dashboards and monitoring apps, collaborative apps, apps that require high-frequency updates and notifications.

The representation of a real-time stock dashboard that shows real-time stock market information was feasible with a combination of ASP .NET Core and SignalR.

Spot Billing Solution for CGD (City Gas Distribution) Companies

Project Overview

Adani Gas is one of the leading PNG gas distribution companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Aiming to reduce billing and payment overhead, they opted for a faster, secure, and digital way of managing business processes through the mobile app.

Adani spot bill application is an android app which is intended to generate spot bills for Adani Gas customers. This app provides a meter reading facility which reads units and generates bill via Bluetooth printer attached with Android App. There is also a payment collection module if the customer wants to pay at the same time.

This app saves a lot of manual efforts by reducing human resources behind the billing process.

Full-Scale Laundry Management System With POS and Customer App

Project Overview

The laundry service industry requires a digital and integrated solution to automate end-to-end laundry and dry cleaning operations.

We have helped two leading laundry and dry-cleaning service companies to carry out laundry management functions effortlessly, effectively, and quickly. Laundry management systems are designed to help streamline laundry management in an automated environment and deliver a better customer experience by using a centralized and customized solution. This laundry and dry cleaning software can be used by different types of users – end customers, pick-up agents, dry cleaners, and laundry shop owners.

An efficient laundry shop management system equips with smart features and full-scale monitoring of operations that include order placement, garment collection, garment processing in factories, discount & price calculation, clothes tagging, washing, packaging, delivery challan creation, invoicing, and payment.

Key Modules Of Laundry System Software:

  • Store Module
  • Admin Module
  • Factory Module
  • Delivery App
  • Customer Mobile App 

ZooM – Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution

Project Overview

ZooM is SPEC INDIA’s own mobile Sales Force Automation System designed to plan, manage, and execute end-to-end sales routines. It aims to automate activities of the sales force and field representatives be it a small, mid-sized, or large enterprise. This feature-rich sales force automation solution helps clients to achieve automation using real-time data and hassle-free communication channels across the organization.

Sales activities are often considered complex due to their business-critical nature and approach. Any gap in planning and execution would lead to mismanagement and losing prospects. This solution connects the mobile sales force with the back office operations ensuring smoother, easier, and quicker transactional flow.

Real Estate Portal Development

This real-estate website is designed in a visual hierarchy way where visitors naturally gravitate towards the most important elements of the website. It is effectively designed with minimal color palette, relevant call-to-action, easy navigation, clean code etc. which attracts many eye-balls and maximize conversions.

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Website Design and Development for Liquor Shop

A liquor shop web application to buy liquor online as well as the kind of restaurant where one can dine-in. User can get online in-depth details of the liquor available in the shop, browse menu and reserve the table for lunch and dinner. The platform also provides detailed information about the event going to happen in the venue along with the event booking facility.

The website is built with eye-catching UI including attractive features, clear textures, amazing fonts makes it more user-friendly. The elegant theme and rich content make your visit a great experience.

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Referral Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Store

Project Overview

This platform targets micro-influencer marketing that lets customers share the deals with their friends and families. A happy customer is your best marketer – leveraging this fact, this tool helps e-commerce companies to boost the revenues with the powerful referral campaigns.

Enterprise Service And Maintenance Application

Project Overview

This application carries out field service and maintenance activities including service call assignments, failure call management, escalation matrix, call based servicing, scheduling visits, tracking of used spares and much more.

This solution easily manages the customer’s ticket by assigning the dedicated engineers; creating a streamlined workflow.  It provides reports that summarize field engineer’s day-to-day activities, Annual, Maintenance Contracts, call failures etc.; which ultimately enable faster analysis and help to make informed decisions.