Web Portal Development For Digital Signage Provider

Project Overview

The client offers a range of solutions for indoor and outdoor advertising. They are focused on enhancing signage programs using quality components and professional services.

The website sells a wide range of advertising solutions with an aim to establish long-term business partnerships.

Sales Forecasting System

Project Overview

A web-based reporting and forecasting application developed for a leading Indian FMCG company to  assist the senior users of the organization to forecast sales and generating diverse reports and charts.

Enterprise Tracker and Reporting Solution

Project Overview

A web based solution for an internationally renowned design company, to track core business activities.

With around 10,000+ concurrent users spread across various countries like USA, UK, China, Singapore, India and Europe this solution meets critical demands of an enterprise for keeping a tab on the on-goings.

Ticket Management System

Project Overview

This is simple, fast, and scalable ticket management software that helps to create and track tickets related to bugs, development issues, etc. throughout the entire software development life-cycle.

The system is flexible to use, which means one can assign a particular task to any individual or even divide it into different departments.

The progress of the ticket can be easily tracked right from the moment it is generated to close. The system indicates ticket status as open, closed, pending, in-progress which helps to resolve queries in an efficient manner.

The system is integrated with ample features such as quick filters, notifications for status change, data exporting in excel, reporting, ticket (process) history, and many more. This ultimately saves time, reduces manual efforts and improves productivity.

Mobile ERP

Project Overview

A cloud-based, scalable, customizable and integrated Mobile ERP system for a 1000+ strong FMCG enterprise to automate business operations across 5 manufacturing units, 100 Warehouses or DCs, accessed by a huge customer base of 300,000+ across 20+ POS at convenience stores.

The system can be operated on multiple devices to handle complex and critical business transactions and automate the processes at the operational level. Make real-time data accessible across the organization including offices, production house, warehouses, distribution points, on the go fleet, etc.

The system consists of major modules like:

  • Accounts
  • Advertising
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchase
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Production
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Point of Sale
  • Transport Management


Product Quotation Management and Order Tracking System

Project Overview

A web-based application was implemented for Fortune 100 Company to track Bill of Material and configure products. With streamlined operations, sales engineers can configure the products with drag & drop features and can even place the appropriate products in the relevant locations.

This web application serves as a platform for customers and distributors to prepare Bill of Material by negotiating the prices.

Supportive Applications

Ez List: It is used to prepare a project which includes a list of products with quantity and other product details. The project can be shared via Email with other team members.

Order Track: This application helps to track the status of orders along with the details of each item/product mentioned in the particular order.

Fault Calci: This Application can be used to calculate the fault current. Fault current can be measured for three phases and single phase. This application assists in designing the electronic path.

Cross Reference: This application also showcases the competitor’s product information. Admin can add/update the competitor’s product details to showcase end result by displaying similar products to end users when they search for the particular product.

Clinic Management System

Project Overview

A web-based application, a practice management system software to automate the entire operations of a clinic, starting from patient registration to report generation & collection.

Production Management System

This system is exclusively designed to maintain the production flow right from the raw material management to the final product efficiently. Taking care of customized requirements from customers and manufacturers, it tracks all the processes such as requirement analysis, communication, monitoring, internal collaboration, and feedbacks. This production management system incorporates the following set of business processes:

  • Take the order
  • Process the order
  • Issue the instruction
  • Manufacture the product
  • Customer feedback requirement analysis
  • Shipping management