Mobile App To Buy Shoes Online

Buy your favorite brand shoes in a novel way!

This shoe buying app offers a fresh design look to product detailing by displaying high-quality graphics, product information. Select the shoes of your preferred brand and pre-book your order before product release.

When users use the shoe app for the first time, well-designed onboarding screens offer a product overview with images and descriptions that in turn, increase the likelihood of application usage. Users can select brands and browse a range of products. They can see order history and also select subscription plan-related particular options followed by checkout.

This online shoe buying app boasts contemporary design, a well-suitable modern-day theme, and consistent UIs.

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Barcode Scan And Shopping App

This barcode scanner app makes your shopping a breeze. Scan the barcode of an item by using your smartphone and users will be provided with related search results by looking up the Universal Product Code of that particular item.

Upon the selection, users can have all the information related to a particular product, store listing along with pricing. It enables users to shop wisely as they can access all the information on the product and compare prices.

Easy navigation, minimal graphics, quick search, and beautifully simple UI with user-oriented design structure increase user engagement and interaction.

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Project, Task & Expense Management Application

Track It App allows users to manage projects, tasks, and expenses through an easy-to-use interface. It can be used as a project management app, expense manager app, or as task management app. It offers visual progress monitoring, expense tracking, time management, and task creation and allocation functionalities.

With the attractive layout, consistent theme, and user-friendly interface, this application helps meet deadlines more easily!

From start to finish, the design of this application has distinct visual appeal, making it attractive and a pleasure to work with. Track It makes it easier to manage and delegate tasks effectively and more easily.

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Kids Learning Application

Filled with different activities for kids, this learning app for kids is especially meant for the junior group to explore their creativity and knowledge, along with fun-filled tasks assigned to them.

The design of an educational app for kids is highly attractive and colorful, something that can easily catch the attention of kids. At the same time, it is a simple, non-clustered layout, not to confuse the children and make them stick to the app for long. Hence, proving to be one of the best learning apps for kids.

Player’s Timeline – Casino Mobile App

As the name suggests, this application is mainly for Casino players. It offers a variety of casino related services like chat, cab booking, parking, hotel booking, etc. There is a facility to chat directly with the concierge for certain special services.

Staying true to its nature, the casino game application is designed with bright colors, to bring life into the application. At the same time, it maintains its well-designed UI that manages to lead the user to the required option easily and quickly, without creating any confusion for the user.

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Work Order And Task Management Application

Encompassing the entire workflow starting from the login screen to work order listing till navigation, this well-designed work order and task management app is multi-functional and comprehensive.

The design elements are crisp, clear and well-defined. It has a sober and soft color scheme that makes the UI easily understandable, less complicated and genuine. There is least of clutter around the page layouts, making it easy for the user to navigate through.

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Task Management App

A multi-function app – well designed, smart and intuitive – the task management mobile app takes care of many functions like scan QR codes, performing day-to-day activities, feeding in add-in information, clicking pictures of work finished and getting geo-information of the upcoming tasks.

The design elements are clearly arranged to showcase the addition of new jobs, the formation of the job lists, overdue reminders, etc. The user-friendly navigation, seamless integration with third-party software, highly understandable elements and robustness are its key features.

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Live Sports Streaming App

A highly preferred live streaming application, especially for sports enthusiasts. An application that facilitates sports fans to watch their favorite sports streams and stay associated with friends and their sports pursuits and teams in a shared experience!

A comprehensive and attractive design frame, incorporating all important aspects to offer an enhanced user experience – player profile, player inbox, live feed. The entire design layout is just apt for the user – seamless navigation, pixel-perfect images, everything covered under one roof, yet clear and concise.

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