Task Management App

A multi-function app – well designed, smart and intuitive – the task management mobile app takes care of many functions like scan QR codes, performing day-to-day activities, feeding in add-in information, clicking pictures of work finished and getting geo-information of the upcoming tasks.

The design elements are clearly arranged to showcase the addition of new jobs, the formation of the job lists, overdue reminders, etc. The user-friendly navigation, seamless integration with third-party software, highly understandable elements and robustness are its key features.

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Live Sports Streaming App

A highly preferred live streaming application, especially for sports enthusiasts. An application that facilitates sports fans to watch their favorite sports streams and stay associated with friends and their sports pursuits and teams in a shared experience!

A comprehensive and attractive design frame, incorporating all important aspects to offer an enhanced user experience – player profile, player inbox, live feed. The entire design layout is just apt for the user – seamless navigation, pixel-perfect images, everything covered under one roof, yet clear and concise.

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Mobile Application For Online Learning

Especially meant for the education segment, the sleek and smart online learning mobile app offers diverse safety solutions like product evaluation, accreditation, certification, codification, and training.

The subtle color combination, accurate and readable icons, appropriate usage of buttons make it ideal e-Learning app for all stakeholders involved. With white as the backdrop, the entire mobile app has a highly sophisticated look and feel, with easy navigation. At a single glance, the user can see the upcoming events and the featured products, apart from the main member details.

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Mobile Application For Motivational Quotes

An attractive, visually alluring motivation app for showcasing motivational quotes in various categories like friendship, love, family, Work culture, self-improvement and many more. This colorful app is meant for its users to avail of entertainment and uses those motivational quotes further, in a way they want.

This motivational quote app has a very eye-catching user interface with clear cut fonts and textures, turning it more beautiful and user-driven. The well-crafted reminders screen is all set to prompt the users about their preferred timing and choice.

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Mobile Banking Application Design

This mobile-based banking app is a highly secure, robust and all-inclusive application. It offers all mobile transactions in an easy and secure manner, based on user roles and permissions.

The design elements are highly sleek, sophisticated and offer the users a very swift, safe and friendly interface. The app has an intuitive UI component to make the user experience smoother. A niche and well-thought-of design give the users a wonderful online banking experience.

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Website Redesign Services For Social Media Agency

A comprehensive and attractive corporate website redesigning for one of the leading social media agencies, encompassing all different marketing service offerings they provide. It offers all the important elements that a social media agency indulges in.

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Web Design For Online Personal Loan Platform

Being an online personal loan lending platform, this app offers a variety of building safety solutions that talk about product assessment, accreditation, certification, codification, and training.

The design of this loan application is simple, easy-to-understand and hence, is easily approachable for end users. The entire app design is well managed with attractive components, subtle color schemes, and handy information.

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Spot Billing Solution for CGD (City Gas Distribution) Companies

Project Overview

Adani Gas is one of the leading PNG gas distribution companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Aiming to reduce billing and payment overhead, they opted for a faster, secure, and digital way of managing business processes through the mobile app.

Adani spot bill application is an android app which is intended to generate spot bills for Adani Gas customers. This app provides a meter reading facility which reads units and generates bill via Bluetooth printer attached with Android App. There is also a payment collection module if the customer wants to pay at the same time.

This app saves a lot of manual efforts by reducing human resources behind the billing process.