Task Management App

A multi-function app – well designed, smart and intuitive – the task management mobile app takes care of many functions like scan QR codes, performing day-to-day activities, feeding in add-in information, clicking pictures of work finished and getting geo-information of the upcoming tasks.

The design elements are clearly arranged to showcase the addition of new jobs, the formation of the job lists, overdue reminders, etc. The user-friendly navigation, seamless integration with third-party software, highly understandable elements and robustness are its key features.

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RT Image Editing Application

Immersive image sharing & consumption experiences with RT Image editing apps and other Image editing apps from SPEC INDIA which are visually appealing & easy to use.

  • Manual testing for Web & Mobile
    • Functional Testing
    • UI/UX Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
  • Automation Testing for Web and Mobile
    • Functional Testing
    • Tools-Selenium, TestNG, Maven, Sekebdroid
  • Web service testing
    • API Testing
    • Tool-Postman Plugin
  • Test case management, Defect tracking, Continuous Integration testing
    • Tools- Testlink, JIRA, Jenkins

BugATAhon 2016 – A Wonderful Testing Experience for SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA has always been participating in multifaceted events which offer profound exposure and edifies its resources to stay with and ahead of the trending technologies. As mentioned in our earlier news item, our testing team recently participated in an annual testing event, BugATAhon 2016, hosted by Agile Testing Alliance in Vadodara, with an objective to enhance testing skills, develop confidence and nurture personalities.

This event provided an excellent platform to the testing community to prove their testing, analytical, reporting, management skills and to also network and know about the latest technologies, innovations and trends.

Two of our teams (with 3 testing professionals each) were given 2 hours flat to understand and test a web / mobile application, to find out bugs and report them along with a focus on report presentation and testing approach. The tough part was that the entire exercise was time bound and hence, tested the team’s coordination, patience and swiftness to its peak. It was a wonderful networking platform where our teams could interact with many skilled professionals from the IT industry.



SPEC INDIA looks forward to offering many such experiences to its employees.

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Looking Forward to a Keen Participation @ BugATAhon 2016 by SPEC INDIA

We are happy and looking forward to participate in the BugATAhon 2016 being organized by Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) Vadodara Chapter on 25th September 2016. BugATAhon is one of the well-known non-profit testing competitions, in which participants (individuals or groups of max 3) are given a challenge to test a live application in 2 hours flat and is being organized worldwide at different locations. With a well-regarded panel of judges to evaluate, this event offers attractive prizes in terms of cash, gift coupons and free ATA certification trainings. The purpose of this competition is to form an agile testing community who can jointly work towards propagating agility in testing. We are delighted to announce that 2 groups of 3 skilled testing professionals each will be representing SPEC INDIA at this event.

SPEC India has been offering its third party QA and testing services encompassing the Software Testing Life Cycle to its global customers for 15+ years. Being an ISO 9001:2015 organization, we have defined mature processes in all our service areas. Our Software Testing Services ensure optimum blend of Manual and Automated Testing. We possess skilled resources in Automated Testing tools like Selendroid, Selenium, Appium, Robotium, Quick Time Pro, Load Runner etc. which help in simulating scenarios and performing continuous routine mundane tests.

Wishing our zealous participants ‘Best of Luck’ for a wonderful victory @ the event.

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Software Testing Solutions Website Launch at SPEC INDIA


SPEC INDIA proudly launches the much awaited Software Testing Solutions website at the Independence Day Eve special get together for all the employees.


The brand new website is showcased in a soothing, colourful background with a parallax design exhibiting the best in UI and UX. The concise yet smartly detailed website offers a unique user experience by showcasing all the details about the work being done at SPEC INDIA for Software Testing and especially Automated Software Testing.

Testing Site Launch

The self-explanatory process cycle portrays the integrated steps that are followed at SPEC INDIA right from strategizing the Tests to their Conclusions. The various service offerings like Desktop Application Testing, Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing and IoT testing find a special mention on this single page scroll down website. The test automation tools categorized into logical groups make sure that you see the latest of the tools and the one that is purposeful for your software.

The dependable software delivered by us year on year, ensures you that there can be none better than SPEC INDIA as your Testing Partner.

The News and Events section keeps the readers abreast with the happenings at our end, while the Blogs gives you an insight into the happenings in the world of Software Testing.

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