SPEC INDIA Keen to Showcase its Innovative SSBI Pentaho Plug-in @ Upcoming PCM17

SPEC INDIA, your IT partner since three decades, has capability of servicing global clients with its endowed and skilled pool of resources in numerous technologies and domains. We have been offering Pentaho Business Intelligence Services competently to our valued clients.  We have efficaciously implemented solutions for our customers using the end to end Pentaho BI product stack.

We feel proud to be a part of the Pentaho Community Meet 2017 (PCM17), as it celebrates its 10th anniversary this November with a three day event full of presentations and networking. it-novum is hosting the event together with Penatho from November 10th to 12th 2017 at Mainz, a few miles away from the Frankfurt international airport. This worldwide community meeting is well known as a unique forum for global Pentaho users, architects, designers, product managers to meet, discuss and share the latest happenings, innovations, best practices and success stories associated with the Pentaho product stack.

Continuing our initiative in serving the developer community, our skilled team has come up with a Self Service BI plug-in component for Pentaho Community edition users, available on the Pentaho marketplace for global users and developers. This module aims to serve as a self-service dashboard module for business analysts to independently, create reusable widgets and dashboards, with enriched visualization and information along with detailed Saiku Analytics.

Pentaho Community Meeting

We are happy to announce that our business analyst, Mr. Pranav Lakhani has grabbed the rare opportunity of giving a technical short talk on the first day of the meeting. In the ‘Hacks & Snacks’ forum, he will be showcasing our Pentaho Self Service BI Solution, its innovative features and the value addition that it offers to the Pentaho global users.

SPEC INDIA congratulates Mr. Pranav Lakhani and wishes him great success at the Pentaho Community Meeting 2017.

You can download this plug-in from the Pentaho Marketplace and leverage the skills of serving your own needs yourself, without any external dependency.

Visit https://www.spec-india.com/services/pentaho-bi-services-solutions/ and request a FREE POC to test drive our Pentaho BI Services & Solutions. We would be glad to address any IT requirement of your and arrange for a meeting, demonstration or discussion, as required.




Forthcoming Launch of Self-Service BI Plug-In for Pentaho Community Edition Users – Accelerating a Level Ahead, Poised for Further Growth

SPEC INDIA, a leading BI & Big Data enterprise solution provider, has always initiated various technological moves supporting the developer community, to its optimum. Around 2 years back, the proficient BI team @ SPEC INDIA designed and developed a Self-Service BI Plug-in, for the users of the Pentaho Community Edition, with an objective for it to serve as a dashboard module for business analysts to independently create reusable widgets / dashboards with visually appealing features. This plug-in, in this span of 2 years, managed to create a lot of popularity and curiosity amongst the end user community, which encouraged the team to enhance it further. There were two updated versions, put up on the Pentaho marketplace, each of them value adding certain features to it, thereby increasing its acceptance and usage amongst the user community.

Some salient features of this open source web based / Bootstrap based plug-in are its mobile friendliness and responsive design, filtration and widget linking, easily embeddable and multi-tenant capability.

With such an encouraging feedback and increased popularity from all over the globe, our BI team is now highly focused on coming up with a cutting-edge version of the plug-in, imbibing novel features and highly useful advancements, that is sure to enthrall the end users with its high end flexibility, usability and independence in terms of information retrieval and visualization capabilities.


With the launch of this advanced version just around the corner, let us have a look at the major highlights that are being focused upon.

Flexy Cube (Additional Data Source apart from CDA and Saiku)

  • Create flexy cube for star-schema based database
  • Easy to use flexy cube with easy creation of chart by adding measures and dimension
  • Connect, Select, Join, Save features


  • Create flexy cube for star-schema based database
  • Draggable and resizable pins
  • Multiple charting library support like Highcharts, Fusioncharts, Echarts, CCC charts
  • Advanced chart editing properties using json editor
  • Smart chart suggestion for added measure and dimensions
  • Chart listener – click on chart and pass on the value to one / multiple pins
  • Variety of filters like Multiselect, Combobox and Datepicker to apply on pins
  • Advanced table grid features like sorting, searching, pagination etc.
  • Conditional formatting to be applied on table grid & measures
  • Interesting background colors for dashboards including a transparent one
  • Provision to leave comments for particular charts in preview mode
  • View charts and table in full screen (Zoom) in preview mode
  • Export data for charts and tables in CSV and Excel format

SPEC INDIA is looking forward to launch this latest version soon and thereby benefit its Pentaho end user community with further fascinating and useful features of this Self-service BI plug-in. Till then, you can download this plug-in from the Pentaho Marketplace and leverage the skills of serving your own needs yourself, without any external dependency.

Visit https://www.spec-india.com/services/business-intelligence-services/ and request a FREE POC to test drive our services. We would be glad to address any of your BI related requirements and arrange for a meeting, demonstration or discussion, as required.

Heartiest Congratulations to our Vaadin 7 Certified Developers

We, @ SPEC INDIA, are proud to announce that seven of our developers from our Java team have recently cleared the Vaadin 7 certification exam in the very first attempt. The achievers are:

  • Aakash Thakare
  • Imran Momin
  • Rikin Shah
  • Maulik Adiecha
  • Hiren Pandit
  • Parth Rami
  • Rohit Dobariya


Vaadin is a popular open source web framework used for developing rich internet apps. Vaadin conducted a certification week from November 28th 2016 to December 4th 2016, where our team participated. This exam is quite challenging and clearing in the first attempt is challenging and tough. Across the globe, only 1004 Vaadin 7 certified developers are there and we are proud to be a part of this fraternity now. SPEC INDIA has been using this open source framework extensively in developing front end UI for enterprise solutions.

Congratulations to our bright and vibrant team for gaining this well-deserved accolade. It has been a very proud and delightful moment for SPEC INDIA and we look forward to having many more such champions in the organization.

BugATAhon 2016 – A Wonderful Testing Experience for SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA has always been participating in multifaceted events which offer profound exposure and edifies its resources to stay with and ahead of the trending technologies. As mentioned in our earlier news item, our testing team recently participated in an annual testing event, BugATAhon 2016, hosted by Agile Testing Alliance in Vadodara, with an objective to enhance testing skills, develop confidence and nurture personalities.

This event provided an excellent platform to the testing community to prove their testing, analytical, reporting, management skills and to also network and know about the latest technologies, innovations and trends.

Two of our teams (with 3 testing professionals each) were given 2 hours flat to understand and test a web / mobile application, to find out bugs and report them along with a focus on report presentation and testing approach. The tough part was that the entire exercise was time bound and hence, tested the team’s coordination, patience and swiftness to its peak. It was a wonderful networking platform where our teams could interact with many skilled professionals from the IT industry.



SPEC INDIA looks forward to offering many such experiences to its employees.

Visit http://www.softwaretestingsolution.com/ to request a Free POC to test drive our services, which include QA and testing services, manual testing, automated testing and 3rd party software testing – all of them bound with a perfect blend of client satisfaction, quality, skilled resources and trust.

Looking Forward to a Keen Participation @ BugATAhon 2016 by SPEC INDIA

We are happy and looking forward to participate in the BugATAhon 2016 being organized by Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) Vadodara Chapter on 25th September 2016. BugATAhon is one of the well-known non-profit testing competitions, in which participants (individuals or groups of max 3) are given a challenge to test a live application in 2 hours flat and is being organized worldwide at different locations. With a well-regarded panel of judges to evaluate, this event offers attractive prizes in terms of cash, gift coupons and free ATA certification trainings. The purpose of this competition is to form an agile testing community who can jointly work towards propagating agility in testing. We are delighted to announce that 2 groups of 3 skilled testing professionals each will be representing SPEC INDIA at this event.

SPEC India has been offering its third party QA and testing services encompassing the Software Testing Life Cycle to its global customers for 15+ years. Being an ISO 9001:2015 organization, we have defined mature processes in all our service areas. Our Software Testing Services ensure optimum blend of Manual and Automated Testing. We possess skilled resources in Automated Testing tools like Selendroid, Selenium, Appium, Robotium, Quick Time Pro, Load Runner etc. which help in simulating scenarios and performing continuous routine mundane tests.

Wishing our zealous participants ‘Best of Luck’ for a wonderful victory @ the event.

Visit http://www.softwaretestingsolution.com to request for a Free POC to test drive our services.

SPEC INDIA Releases a New Version of Self Service BI Plug-in with Value Added Features

We feel elated to share the success of our Self Service BI plug-in launched for the Pentaho Community edition users on the Pentaho Marketplace, a few months back and its rise on the popularity charts. We have been receiving umpteen positive reviews, globally, from the community users, emphasizing the fact that this plug-in has been proving advantageous to them with its visually appealing dashboards / reports and the handy, comprehensive User Guide.

Encouraged by the wonderful response from the user community and to continually support the developer community with innovative technological advancements, our BI team has come up with an advanced version of this plug-in, adding innovative features which we are sure, the developers will appreciate.

Self Service BI Plug-in

Our newly released plug-in is compatible with Pentaho 6.0 and showcases the following features:

  • General
    • Freshly designed UI
    • Easy accessibility to change Pin header name and colour
  • Pinboard
    • Editable Pinboard header
    • Layout Settings Panel with easy options to add Pins in Pinboard
  • Preview Mode – Pinboard
    • Add comments on Pinboard and individual Pins
    • Export Pins as CSV, XLS, PNG
    • Zoom chart for better visibility
    • Swap chart with data tables for Saiku files
  • CCC Data source
    • Simplified data source creation process
    • Import properties visible to create data source file

Download this plug-in from the Pentaho Marketplace and leverage the skills of serving your own needs yourself, without any external dependency. Visit https://www.spec-india.com/services/business-intelligence-services/ and request a FREE POC to test drive our services. We would be glad to address any of your BI related requirements and arrange for a meeting, demonstration or discussion, as required.

Bootstrap Dashboard Designer Plug-in from SPEC INDIA Gaining Popularity Globally

The Bootstrap Dashboard Designer plug-in, on the Pentaho Market Place for the Pentaho Community Edition from SPEC INDIA, has been winning accolades from the developer community all over the world in a very short time since its launch in September last year.

As the name suggests, this DIY plug-in empowers the users to put their own requirements into a very personalized perspective to create reusable widgets and dashboards to plug-in with their Pentaho Business Analytics suites. This simple to use plugin instantly appeals to the users with its lucid user interface enticing the analysts, keeping them encouraged to discover more from their own data.

It is no wonder then that the Bootstrap Dashboard Designer plug-in, the latest in our Pentaho kitty shoots up the popularity charts with envious number of downloads today and we are still counting!

Bootstrap Plugin


It was a wonderful surprise when we received a THANK YOU note all the way from Brazil from Mr. Fábio de Salles, a Certified Pentaho(tm) consultant from SERPRO, a leading public company in the development of Information and Communication Technology solutions for the federal government in Brazil, to appreciate our efforts in supporting him and his team enabling them to explore the Bootstrap Dashboard Designer plug-in to the fullest. Not only did Mr Salles share his experiences on his Post, he was also kind enough to appreciate our efforts in English as well, for the benefit of a larger user base. He has promised to help in popularizing the plug-in in his region and across the globe.

With our acumen and insight gathered over the years for the Pentaho BI product stack, we offer specialized end to end solutions to our clientele in the Pentaho genre. SPEC INDIA is proud certified partners of Pentaho and officially features in the Pentaho Partner Network List. At SPEC INDIA, we provide meaningful value additions with our technical initiatives to Pentaho enthusiasts across the globe.

Know more about the Bootstrap Dashboard Designer plug-in from SPEC INDIA

Visit https://www.spec-india.com/services/business-intelligence-services/ & Request FREE POC to Test Drive our services.

Givling – Gamifying Crowdfunding with SPEC INDIA

Givling, an Android based app created by SPEC INDIA is a rage with its innovative concept of gamified crowdfunding. A Trivia game, puts students with study loans in a queue and pays off their loans with the money collected from other players. It keeps the excitement on by dishing out daily cash prizes to the players as well! The players payoff the student loans by scoring in a game of questions and answers and collecting coins.



Givling verifies the student loans, is secure and assures the players that their money is used for the intended purpose by authenticated recipients. Mixing fun and a social cause makes the game worthwhile, interesting and exciting.

The Queue line up in the game, equally distributes the money amongst the top few students in the queue until their loans are paid off. New recipients replace the ones whose debts are cleared. The payments are done in the most conducive manner through Paypal or Braintree and are easily encashable.

Givling is available on Google Playstore for Android 4.2 and upwards. This game is offered by Givling inc. Development activities to make Givling available for iOS based devices are underway at SPEC INDIA.