SPEC INDIA recognizes the changing needs of a modern day world where there is a constant need to upgrade and adapt solutions that either collaborate or migrate the legacy solutions with niche approaches like IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Mobile Technologies and the Cloud to interconnect a multitude of devices on diverse platforms.

Offering practical, flexible and emerging technologies integrated into every solution, SPEC INDIA offerings ensure they meet the expectations of their customers. To stay abreast with the fast moving pace of the emerging technologies we lay specific focus to R&D initiatives internally and propose various Proof of Concepts (POCs) to our customers enabling them to move along with the latest trends and stay ahead of time.


IoT & Smart Devices

Our IoT solutions & services aim to improve operational efficiencies, enhance user experiences and create digital business by connecting people, systems and information together. Be it any device, any platform, our well-integrated solutions facilitate remote operations of the business which helps you stay ahead always

  • Intelligent Device & Automation Solutions
  • Smart Cities Solution
  • Wearables Integration
  • Beacons & Sensor Based Proximity Solutions
  • NFC Based Micro Location Solutions
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Apps


Beacons & iBeacons

Beacons offer personalized customer experiences, capturing critical data related to age, gender and preferences to drive decisions and predictions by collating with Business Intelligence & Analytics. Beacons change the very meaning of marketing with an assured rise in customer engagement and increased customer loyalty.

  • Indoor Navigation
  • Interactive Tours
  • Targeted Marketing & Promotion
  • Processes Automation & Monitoring
  • Continuous Tracking of Persons, Resources & Assets
SPEC INDIA – Beacon Solutions Across Industries
  • Retail
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hospitality
  • Universities
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Tourism
  • Public Transport

Business Analytics Solutions

SPEC INDIA implements the best of enterprise level analytics for Mobile, Cloud, and traditional platforms, for diverse global clientele to maximize efficiency and ROI with the most modern analytics solutions available today.

SPEC INDIA – Analytics Solutions
  • Predictive Analytics – Understanding the future
  • Prescriptive Analytics – Recommendations on probable conclusions
  • Customer Intelligence using Social Analytics
  • Extending & maintaining existing Beacon solutions and apps
  • Cloud Based BI
  • Self Service Mobile BI


Armed with a wide-ranging proficiency in development and implementation of optimized Cloud-based solutions, we classify your business requirements; perform a detailed assessment of the varied technology elements and cloud services required and set up the most appropriate Cloud computing environment, offering you the most desired Cloud experience with niche services.

  • Cloud-enabled application development
  • Enterprise mobility solutions
  • Cloud application migration and integration