Bootstrap Dashboard Designer Plug-in from SPEC INDIA Gaining Popularity Globally

  • Posted on : March 27, 2016
  • Author : SPEC INDIA

The Bootstrap Dashboard Designer plug-in, on the Pentaho Market Place for the Pentaho Community Edition from SPEC INDIA, has been winning accolades from the developer community all over the world in a very short time since its launch in September last year.

As the name suggests, this DIY plug-in empowers the users to put their own requirements into a very personalized perspective to create reusable widgets and dashboards to plug-in with their Pentaho Business Analytics suites. This simple to use plugin instantly appeals to the users with its lucid user interface enticing the analysts, keeping them encouraged to discover more from their own data.

It is no wonder then that the Bootstrap Dashboard Designer plug-in, the latest in our Pentaho kitty shoots up the popularity charts with envious number of downloads today and we are still counting!

Bootstrap Plugin


It was a wonderful surprise when we received a THANK YOU note all the way from Brazil from Mr. Fábio de Salles, a Certified Pentaho(tm) consultant from SERPRO, a leading public company in the development of Information and Communication Technology solutions for the federal government in Brazil, to appreciate our efforts in supporting him and his team enabling them to explore the Bootstrap Dashboard Designer plug-in to the fullest. Not only did Mr Salles share his experiences on his Post, he was also kind enough to appreciate our efforts in English as well, for the benefit of a larger user base. He has promised to help in popularizing the plug-in in his region and across the globe.

With our acumen and insight gathered over the years for the Pentaho BI product stack, we offer specialized end to end solutions to our clientele in the Pentaho genre. SPEC INDIA is proud certified partners of Pentaho and officially features in the Pentaho Partner Network List. At SPEC INDIA, we provide meaningful value additions with our technical initiatives to Pentaho enthusiasts across the globe.

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