Self Service BI Plug-in @ Pentaho Marketplace Added with Valuable Features to Perk Up Usefulness

  • Posted on : December 24, 2015
  • Author : SPEC INDIA

It has been SPEC INDIA’s initiative to support the developer community with innovative technological advancements which can prove useful and worthy to the developer community. As a part of this endeavor, we recently, launched a Self Service BI plug-in component for the Pentaho Community edition users on the Pentaho Marketplace for users and developers world-wide. Some salient features of this open source web based / Bootstrap based plug-in are its mobile friendliness and responsive design, filtration and widget linking feature, easily embeddable feature, multi tenant capability.

We are elated and have been receiving positive reviews from the community users, emphasizing the fact that the plug-in has served its purpose of benefiting the users with its visually enriched dashboards and reports. We have supported the plug-in with an informative and helpful User Guide which helps developers in understanding the workflow in a systematic and detailed manner.

Seeing such a positive response, we have taken one more step further to enhance the plug-in by adding a few innovative features, as listed below, which, we are sure, the developers will love:

  • Query Builder: Helps to create the CDA data source easily without having underlying SQL skills.
  • Pin Listener: Inter pin linking in Pinboard to provide the drill-down functionality ensuring more interactivity.
  • Comments: Provision for business users and analytics team to add comments in Pin board / Pin, which would help them take decisions based on the hidden pattern of data.
  • Editable Pinboard header: to showcase the appropriate heading title.

Pentaho Plug in


We look forward to receiving feedback from the user community and are also hopeful of having an increased user base who can benefit from this plug-in. Download this plug-in from the Pentaho Marketplace and leverage the skills of serving your own needs yourself, without any external dependency. Our User Guide will help you through the detailed steps and process to be followed to ensure a successful implementation of the plug-in at your end.

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