SPEC INDIA Android App Remote Mobile Assistant Version 2 Launch

  • Posted on : December 20, 2016
  • Author : SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA releases the much-awaited version of its popular App, Remote Mobile Assistant on the Google Playstore this November. This app acts as a smart assistant that resides on the smart phone itself. It is designed to rescue critical information from missing and misplaced phones. Remote Mobile Assistant is a true saviour in the worst of the nightmares one can ever have. A lost or misplaced phone.

Among the new features on Version 2 of Remote Mobile Assistant, the most popular one is easily the feature which sends out a list of missed calls, unread messages and location data of the phone on the registered email when prompted. It also sends replies to the callers until the time the phone itself is found.

Through a very handy feature the app helps locate misplaced phones by attracting attention with blinking screen. The simplified SMS format is easier to use and the security enhancements with OTP validations is a welcome change too.

The flat user interfaces as per new guidelines from Android makes this brand new version of the app pleasing to use.

Remote Mobile Assistant is available on Google Playstore for Android 4.0 and upwards. Besides, this app does not require instructions only from smartphones, but recognizes SMS to take appropriate actions too!

Surely the GenNext way of staying secure and reachable!

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