BI Analytics for Telecom
BI Analytics for Telecom 1
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A customized solution for CDR Network Traffic Analysis and OCN Analysis using the Pentaho stack for a leading company providing database services as well analytics to the telecommunication industry.

The software customizes the Pentaho Community Edition, with “White Labeling”, to provide a look and feel of the desired application maintaining the company standards.

The key features

  • Offers a Star schema based Data Warehouse keeping in mind the current database structure & the required dashboards and reports
  • Implements “infiniDB” as a columnar database with distribution of data on three machines as a data warehouse
  • Implements advanced visualization tools, like “Heat MAP”, “Tree MAP “and more for inclusion into dashboards
  • Uses caching with Hazelcast in Pentaho for faster reports & dashboards
Author - BD Team, Updated Date - March 30, 2017

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