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Overview of the Caregiver Mobile App

This caregiver app targets caregivers and provides them with a single platform to manage schedules, be in sync with their offices or agencies, view patients’ details, and enter visit notes.

With a focus on providing better patient care in the homes, the caregiver app manages care plans, schedules, and patients on the go and eases the processes for home care agencies.

Caregiver App-Project-Overview

Core Features of our Caregiver App

Key Inclusions

Set and view your schedules real-time

View patients’ information, plan of care, and address details

Clock-in and clock-out using any GPS-enabled device

Enter visit notes including text, image, and audio

Send or receive a message from your office or agency on-the-go

Maintained security using advanced tools across the app

Mark task and track visit with electronic visit verification

Mobile Caregiver App Project Screens

Technology Stack Used for Caregiving App


Business Benefits of Caregiver Mobile App

Our mobile app has enabled the business to achieve the following benefits:

Improved communication between patients, family members, friends, and healthcare professionals.

Scheduling features that allow caregivers to plan and manage tasks, appointments and medication reminders.

Reduced need for in-person care services which makes it more cost-effective.

Better remote monitoring and reduced stress.

Helpful in providing an enhanced quality of life for the caregivers and care recipients.


Want to Build your own Caregiver App with the Latest Features?

We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries. Our experienced and skilled app developers can satiate your quest to build powerful yet easy-to-use healthcare software applications.


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