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  • Posted on : July 12, 2016
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

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Java today is almost two decades old, with its early beginnings in the mid-nineties, but its popularity never diminished amongst the Java development companies.

Java Development

In fact, the popular Tiobe index, calculated from the number of search engine results for queries containing the language name, covers searches in Google, Google Blogs, MSN, Yahoo!, Baidu, Wikipedia and YouTube; rates Java once again as the numero uno programming language on its Top 20 list.

Tiobe Graph
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The number of developers estimated globally for Java exceeds 9 million, a statistic Oracle has not failed to promote. Hiring a Java developer always remains on the wish list of many enterprises.

Going Strong Because With The Well Known Benefits

This programming language remains a popular powerful and robust development platform for various reasons well-acclaimed, besides being quick to use with minimum hassle.

  • Extensible Robust Architecture
  • Reliable Security Features
  • Offers Platform Independence
  • Faster Development with Ease
  • Less Turnaround Times
  • Seamless Integration with Multiple Platforms
  • Superior Performances
  • Secure Framework
  • Cost-Effectiveness Through Free Open Source Architecture
  • Shortened Development Cycles
  • Backward Compatibility

With the inception of JDK 8 as the latest development kit available, developers now take advantage of streams API & Lambda expressions. This effectively leads to utilizing multi-processor machines without complex coding.

Hot & Hotter with Real-Life Solutions

Java proves to be a popular and predominant technology for websites, desktop software, mobile as well as real-time applications over the years. Java today serves as a platform for most discussed disruptive technologies.

Real-life applications using Java or its flavors on compatible platforms are limited by none and fostered by intuition and imagination of visionaries and Java development companies.

  • Navigators
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Healthcare Software
  • Transmission Systems
  • Infrastructure Optimization Software
  • Traffic Scheduling Tools
  • Digital Scrum Board
  • Cloud-Based Document Sharing Applications
  • Space Projection & Trajectory Estimation Systems
  • Monitoring Tools for Manufacturing
Big Data

Big Data & Analytics is a technology that relies heavily on the robustness of Java. It is a well-known fact that most of the Hadoop framework is written in this versatile language.

With the increasing importance of Analytics and Business Intelligence across industries and domains, Java plays a major role in growth in technologies like Elastic ( earlier Elasticsearch) or Hadoop.

Embedded Systems and Internet of Things (IoT)

Medical & healthcare instruments, communication devices, and machine control mechanisms cannot be visualized without embedded systems. With the growing use of sensor-based equipment, a platform like Java eliminating limitations of traditional programming languages like C, command respect from all.

The requirements are minimal for Java to run on embedded systems, and dedicated APIs are now available to port different flavors of this practical language on embedded devices.

Playing a key role in empowering the Internet of Things, the contemporary technology connecting devices, machines & sensors in the real world; Java fosters communications in any permutations and combinations for devices and humans.

Oracle Java ME takes the embedded technology to the next level, considering this Java runtime version is already deployed in billions of devices globally.

The platform is flexible, feature-rich, secure, optimized and compatible with a wide range of devices. Expert opinion indicates that the maturity and stability offered by Java is a key aspect to consider for IoT, as the devices are set up and managed remotely.

The range of vendors involved in device and sensor manufacturing with Java as their technology core is also large; another important factor that emphasizes the importance of Java in real-world applications.

Java In Connected Vehicles

The challenges faced by auto manufacturers today require a significant IT transformation to meet the needs of end-users. Connected vehicles empowered with IoT generate tons of data on the go and requires a robust development platform based on industry standards to update & deploy software/embedded apps.

Java is a technology perfectly poised to leverage IoT within connected vehicles as discussed, considering high portability and affinity towards embedded components.

As a part of IoT study & implementation, Oracle is effectively leveraging telematics which will prove to be a major boost for automobile manufacturers.

This is a vital use case considering the benefits of connected vehicles are tremendous in terms of user satisfaction as well as for enterprises to better track & position their deliveries. The reference architecture for Oracle telematics is largely dependent on JAVA embedded, apart from the telematics control unit, communication methodologies within the connected vehicles can be effectively modeled using JAVA. Desirable features such as connectivity support, security, embedded device optimization, innovation & flexibility ensure JAVA remains one of the popular technology platforms for connected vehicles.

Android Development

The Android platform powers millions of smartphones and tablets globally with Java as the core technique. The packaging & runtime environment may seem different, but Java is still at the root of the source code.

Although there are other languages Android supports for app development, it is only Java developers who get the benefits of full control. Java developers take on Android development as a second skin.

In a Nutshell

There is a generation of IT people who have seen Java walk-in, rise prudently, evolve and stabilize to keep up the pace with the changing expectations and pace of technology. With Oracle mentoring this very versatile language for long now; Java becomes ageless, strong and refreshing and Java development companies make the most out of this.


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