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Stay Future-Ready With Our Legacy Application Modernization Services

Ace your customer experience by transforming your legacy application by leveraging our wide array of legacy application modernization services. As a legacy software modernization company we also consult you regarding mitigating the modernization risks with our experience of working with organizations of different sizes from start-ups to large-scale enterprises. From new features to increase performance, skilled resources at SPEC INDIA would help you to reimagine your core IT infrastructure.


Legacy Application Assessment

We help you ensure the viability of existing legacy system modernization by conducting a thorough assessment of your legacy applications’ current state from application infrastructure, and current workload to technical issues. Access this one of the crucial legacy modernization services to identify the specific areas of improvement and get data-backed modernization recommendations.


Cloud Migration

Obsolete tools/platforms are one of the biggest barriers to digital transformation. Using old/outdated technologies increases the risk of downtime and maintenance costs. The skills required to maintain the system will be no longer available in the market. The cost of maintenance is comparatively high than the modern infrastructure. Optimized cost is one of the noteworthy benefits of the modernization process.


App Modernization Consulting

Combining our industry experience, we can offer you consultation services whether it be regarding a flawless migration strategy to a functional roadmap. We would also opt for an in-depth analysis of your legacy software to provide you with viable modernization or upgradation options. Our application modernization solutions would enable you to realize the scope for improvement in your legacy software.

BI Consulting

Legacy Applications Reengineering

We at SPEC INDIA follow proven methods and hold experience in providing application modernization benefits with legacy applications reengineering service. From changing legacy language, UI, database, and technology, we elevate the legacy software to meet the organization’s business goals. Our application reengineering methodology enables us to secure your legacy app’s maximum value.


UI/UX Modernization

Overcome customer engagement bottlenecks by refreshing UI with the latest designs and user-centric experience with our UI/UX modernization solutions. We ensure to implement the latest design trends and standards to ensure better engagement and increase the overall value of your legacy application with a whole new avatar. Along with the refreshed design, we aim to offer a unified customer experience to your users.


Technology Modernization

Eliminate any technical bottlenecks by migrating your legacy software from old programming languages like Pascal, COBOL, etc. to the latest languages. Not just language but we also offer migration of your legacy application to modern/ powerful technologies/frameworks or PWA/SPA-based technologies for legacy application modernization to enhance flexibility and ease maintenance.


Want to Make Your Legacy Application Better, Faster, and More Innovative?

Our legacy application modernization services would empower you to unlock the full value of your legacy system. Let us discuss your unique legacy application modernization requirements.

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Why SPEC INDIA for Legacy Application Modernization?


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Why Utilize SPEC INDIA’s Legacy Application Modernization?

Being a top legacy software modernization company, We at SPEC INDIA simplify legacy application modernization with the right tools, app modernization techniques, resources, and years of experience. From identifying the gaps, and assessing the current landscape to building a robust app modernization solution to ensure your business can enjoy various application modernization benefits.

Unbeatable Experience01

We have years of extensive experience in transforming your legacy applications/software to accelerate the achievement of business objectives.

Reduced Go-To-Market Time02

Our technical expertise and substantial experience in delivering legacy application modernization services enable us to offer quick development.

Deliver Better Quality03

From code with minimal defects to abiding by industry standards, we are apt at offering application modernization services that exemplify quality.

Desired Outcomes04

Apart from breaking down the project’s complexity, our collaborative partnership enables us to mitigate risks and offers you desired outcomes.


Move your code to a new platform with minimal changes in the code but not altering structures, features, and components.

Clear Communication06

We ensure that you are on the same page as our developer with clear communication regarding the progress of application modernization solutions’ execution.


Don’t let your Legacy Application Turn Obsolete!

Legacy application modernization would help your legacy application stay feature-rich, secure, and relevant. To leverage application modernization benefits contact our consultants right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time duration of legacy application modernization can be estimated depending on various factors involved in the process of application modernization. These factors are the reusability of the business logic, the complexity of the infrastructure to be modernized, technical and business challenges, and more.

There is no accurate cost of modernizing your legacy apps, however, business owners can get an estimation of the cost by taking various factors into account. These factors include the outsourcing flat rate, technology stack, project scope/complexity, hiring engagement model, existing infrastructure, business goals, and more.

Various benefits of utilizing the application modernization solutions are:

  • Boosts productivity
  • Improved scalability
  • Generate better revenue
  • Keeping up with the latest market trends
  • Better support and maintenance
  • Enhanced security
  • Competitive edge
  • Increased compatibility
  • Improved business agility
  • Optimized IT costs
  • Improved product flexibility
  • Enhanced user experience

There are seven legacy software modernization options to choose from:

  • Encapsulate
  • Rehost
  • Replatform
  • Rearchitect
  • Rebuild
  • Replace
  • Refactor
Project With Us

It’s time to make your legacy application future-proof!

From designing tailored modernization strategies to developing robust application modernization solutions, SPEC INDIA as a legacy software modernization company can help you to eliminate the technical bottlenecks of your legacy application.

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