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Why Modernize Legacy Systems?

Modernizing your legacy application isn’t just moving your system to the new IT environment. Our end-to-end modernization capabilities and use of the right legacy modernization approach ensure security, scalability, reliability, agility, and efficiency improvements. Our tailored policies and best practices provide quality outcomes and help enterprises become digital-ready to face the challenges of new IT.


Improved Performance

With modernization, the IT backbone of the business becomes more scalable, flexible, and easier to maintain. By using the latest tools and technologies, organizations can drastically improve performance such as faster load time, increased speed of services, best user experience, no downtime, and the ability to manage a higher workload.


Reduced Cost

Obsolete tools/platforms are one of the biggest barriers to digital transformation. Using old/outdated technologies increases the risk of downtime and maintenance costs. The skills required to maintain the system will be no longer available in the market. The cost of maintenance is comparatively high than the modern infrastructure. Optimized cost is one of the noteworthy benefits of the modernization process.


Secure Environment

Old systems are more prone to risks and vulnerabilities. By deploying the latest infrastructure, organizations can better manage security provisions and reduce the risk of attacks and data fraud. Organizations have started giving attention to data compliance and regulatory standards to win the trust of their customers. Modernization helps them to meet compliance needs and ensure their customers for the best security controls in place.

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Become Agile

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, automation, cloud, and approaches like DevOps, organizations must deploy tools for continuous development and delivery. DevOps is the need of the hour to fulfill customers’ needs in a faster, more reliable, and secure way. Developers are less likely to meet the needs if they stick to old systems and tools to deliver software faster and update more frequently.


SPEC INDIA’s Application Modernization Services

SPEC INDIA transforms your legacy applications into a modern environment using advanced tools, proven methodologies, customized strategy, and concepts like DevOps, Microservices, encapsulation through APIs, and experience with the agile model.

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Why SPEC INDIA for Legacy Application Modernization?


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Approaches To Legacy Application Modernization

With the right tool, approach, and skillset, our experienced professionals are best at migrating your legacy code and data to modern platforms.


Change your deployment option and redeploy your applications to a cloud-based environment without changing code, functions, or features.


Rewrite the entire application from scratch using new languages and modern tech stacks without having a significant impact on scope, ideas, and specifications.


Use an existing system to the optimum with little or no modification and integrate new features as per the requirement.


Consider new requirements and build a completely new system, replacing the existing system and its components altogether.


Move your code to a new platform with minimal changes in the code but not altering structures, features, and components.


Revitalizes your applications and optimize existing systems to the fullest and build a modern platform for future versions at the same time.


Hire Legacy Professionals

SPEC INDIA’s experienced professionals are well-versed in modern approaches and technologies to help you extend the capabilities of the current system using collaborative, customized, and result-driven modernization approaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a self-service embedded analytics solution that is easy to integrate, customize, and use. It lets you create powerful and data-rich dashboards to bring data to life.

There are seven approaches to modernize legacy applications. After evaluating the current system, the organization can choose an approach that is suitable to their needs and objectives. These 7 approaches are – Encapsulate, Rehost, Replatform, Rearchitect, Rebuild, Replace, and Refactor.

It is an iterative process that enables organizations to transform current applications into a modern IT environment and build a future foundation that promotes agility, flexibility, and mobility.

You can integrate your legacy systems with newer third-party systems, SaaS-based applications, and APIs as per your business requirements. Legacy system integration is the process of leveraging new systems and new technologies integrated with existing systems in order to drive business growth.

A legacy system is an outdated system/application that is still in use. It still fulfills the requirements it was designed for. Legacy systems restrict business growth and they are prone to vulnerabilities, difficult to maintain, and not cost-effective to manage.

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Unlock Growth And Agility With Application Modernization

Our legacy modernization services help you migrate effectively and with minimum disruption that further enables organizations to focus on opportunities for business growth.

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