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Our UI UX Design Services

A best-in-class mixture of technology and art in our projects captivates you with elegance and style of visuals, sounds, contents, and interactions in our solutions. The insights provided by the creative vision, paired with the modern technology touch, render a completely satisfying user experience in the UI UX design services we offer.


Custom Web Design & Development

We provide customized and modernized website solutions that are tailored and designed for your services and products to suit your needs and fulfill organizational objectives. Our creative designers specialize in UI design, focusing on creating user-friendly interfaces that ensure efficient and reliable results. They offer a bountiful of smart UI and UX designs, emphasizing the importance of wireframing, prototyping, and design quality control to deliver the highest quality standard tailored to your target audience for a delightful user experience, keeping in mind your requirements.


Corporate Branding & Graphics Design

Our skilled designers understand the value of corporate branding and ensure the finest of corporate graphic designs that encompasses creating and developing the brand’s graphical identity. The design elements showcase a visual presentation of the brand, making the organizational ideals noticeable. Emphasizing the importance of cutting-edge graphic design, our team excels in providing digital product design solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of businesses across various industries, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand identity.



Keeping in mind user requirements, our designing team offers an overview of products, determining the flow and structure of design elements. These wireframes are a crucial step in planning for intuitive and seamless user interactions, including navigation and button placement, which are foundational to interaction design. By focusing on interaction design during the wireframing process, we ensure the creation of visually appealing interfaces that facilitate intuitive navigation and drive user engagement. These wireframes assist teams in creating effective prototypes and going through the structure of the website without getting distracted by other elements.


Mobile App Design

We ensure a perfect look and feel of mobile apps consisting of good quality user interface and user experience elements. Our designers offer top-notch ideas to create mobile app designs that have faster loading, aesthetic look, simplistic usage, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Emphasizing the importance of well-designed user interfaces in mobile apps is crucial for enhancing user engagement, which is directly linked to increased user satisfaction and business success.


Wearables App Design

Designing and creation of enriched wearable app designs for your wearables, devices, and gadgets is what our team excels at. We think out-of-the-box to bring to you, a variety of interfaces and experiences that work best with your smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart jewelry, head-mounted displays, etc.


Product Design

We understand user expectations and, guided by user centric design principles, we imagine, create, and design products that can address industry-specific needs while ensuring every element resonates with the target audience. Our product design process is deeply rooted in these principles, focusing on all UI/UX-related aspects to offer a creative, authentic, and unique experience that not only meets but exceeds user standards for effortless navigation and appreciation. This approach fosters stronger brand loyalty by prioritizing the highest quality standard in our digital creations.


Professional UI UX Design Services at SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA’s experienced team of design experts possess over a decade of expertise in responsive web design, product design, brand identity, and maintenance, with a complete focus on user-friendliness and value addition. Recognized as top software developers by Clutch.co, our accolades underscore our standing as industry trailblazers with a refined design process and standardized approach in UI/UX design. From startups to established enterprises and from simple logos to complete brand maintenance, we help clients thrive with affordable, interactive, and eye-catchy modern designs.

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Our UI UX Design Process

Creativity, customer focus, and technological innovation at its finest with well-defined design processes at SPEC INDIA. Incorporating user research and analysis user research is fundamental in our approach, allowing us to understand user behavior and preferences deeply. This ensures that our designs are evidence-driven and reflect actual user needs, removing guesswork from the design process. With a unique blend of modern technologies and innovative approaches, we create responsive and adaptive designs with uniform cross-platform compatibility. Emphasizing the importance of usability testing, we evaluate the usability of designs through testing with target users, making iterative improvements based on user feedback. This method helps us identify and rectify usability problems, ensuring a seamless user experience. With over two decades of experience in the design industry, we are known for our creative passion and hands-on experience in all aspects of UI/UX. We understand what it takes to build a brand from the design perspective and help deliver the same using modern tools and ways of thinking. We help clients thrive by simplifying designs that can make a lasting impact on the mind of the users which in turn, increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Product Definition01

Before creating a product, it is important to perceive the entire context and create a firm base for the product. All involved stakeholders get involved and create an outline with team structure, communication methods, user expectations.


Once the product definition is done, designers engage themselves in researching well with a user and market perspective. This phase includes a deep dive into user behavior, analyzing how users interact with digital interfaces using tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics. Experts perform detailed research based on qualitative data collected through different mediums as against their complexity, timings, resources, and other aspects. This approach helps in visualizing user behavior in the app, drawing insights to improve existing products or guide the creation of new ones.


It is now time to analyze the insightful information collated from data sources in the research phase. Designers get involved in creating a look of how the final product will look like, creation of user groups, and business workflow involved.


Designers get onto the job of designing different components right from information architecture to the real user interface and user experience design. The goal is to ensure a seamless user experience through intuitive design, making the product user-friendly and aligned with customer needs. There is equal participation from all involved stakeholders for sketching, creation of wireframes and prototypes.

Validation or Testing05

Once the design is finalized, it is vital to test and validate all design components as against user requirements. Feedback from testers and end users is important to ascertain if UI/UX design is in synchronization with what was expected.


Once your product is completely tested, it is time to launch it further to the development team for the creation of UI/UX. There could be different levels of testing like user testing, internal testing, etc. that can be carried out simultaneously.


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Avail creative, quality-rich, robust, and visually appealing design services from the skilled pool of design experts @ SPEC INDIA. Our designs are aimed at - providing the best-in-class user experience and user interface to our global customers.

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Creativity, customer focus, and technological innovation at its finest with well-defined design processes at SPEC INDIA.

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