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JavaScript Frameworks We Work With

Our proficient team of JS developers keeps themselves updated with continuously evolving, innovative JavaScript standards to create responsive, dynamic web and mobile apps. JavaScript’s usage has evolved beyond the client side and it is being used in server-side, game development, and cross-platform development. Here are some of the popular JavaScript frameworks our developers work with.



React is an open-source, flexible, declarative, front-end JavaScript library, and is popular among developers for building user interfaces. Hire React JS developers with the right skill set and experience to build customized solutions as per your needs. React makes frontend development easier and faster by offering an easy learning curve, declarative paradigm, concise code structure, simplicity, and flexibility.



Powered by Google, Angular is the most commonly used web application framework for building mobile and desktop web applications. It is known for its ability to deliver rich user experiences, code maintainability, and simplicity. It is a front-end framework to create dynamic, robust web apps and is the developers’ preferred web app framework. Hire an Angular developer from SPEC INDIA and utilize feature-rich JS to build end-to-end web applications.



Vue.js covers all important aspects of front-end development. Our Vue.js development services deliver engaging UIs and performant single-page applications. It is considered among the top JavaScript frameworks suitable for web development of different complexities. Hire a Vue.js developer to create beautiful user experiences faster leveraging Vue.js’s incrementally adaptability and flexibility.



Node.js is a very popular cross-platform JavaScript runtime with extraordinary features to design scalable and powerful applications for high-traffic requirements. Node.js offers an easy learning curve and JavaScript foundation that help developers adapt to the Node.js environment easily and quickly. SPEC INDIA’s skilled Node.js developers build powerful, scalable, faster, and more efficient modern web applications with faster time-to-market.


React Native

React Native allows developers to create truly native apps using React, a powerful JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React Native app development is popular among developers and businesses to create seamless cross-platform apps for iOS and Android platforms. React’s declarative UI paradigm and ease of JavaScript help developers build native apps incredibly faster with platform-specific UI components.



Equipped with a robust set of features, Express is a minimal and flexible Node.js framework for building scalable web applications. It powers many apps and popular frameworks and is also an important part of the MEAN stack. It is often used with Node.js environments to build highly performant apps and give developers a platform to create powerful RESTful APIs. Leverage this de facto server framework for Node.js to create powerful web and mobile apps.



NativeScript is an open-source platform to develop cross-platform mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms. It allows developers to access native APIs from JavaScript directly, helping them to build native-like apps faster. NativeScript offers compatibility with Angular, Ionic, React, Vue, and Svelte. Hire proficient JavaScript developers from SPEC INDIA to craft cross-platform apps to save time and cost.



jQuery is the most commonly used feature-rich JavaScript library designed to simplify event handling, tree traversal, manipulation, CSS animation, and Ajax. It is open-source software widely used in a majority of websites to simplify JavaScript programming. SPEC INDIA’s expert JS developers use this most popular client-side development library to build modern, interactive, and powerful applications.



Enjoy the best developer experience with the powerful features of Next.js, a top open-source web development framework. It is mainly used with React applications to make code streamlined and accessible. It offers building blocks that help create apps faster and easier. Our JavaScript developers keep themselves updated with such trendy frameworks to create modern JavaScript-based apps.



Ember.js is power-packed with all important features that make it easy to create rich, and visually-appealing user interfaces. Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript client-side framework used for developing web applications. Our JavaScript development services include maintainable and feature-rich JavaScript web applications using top JavaScript frameworks and JavaScript libraries.


JavaScript Development Services For Web, Mobile, and Cross-Platform Apps

Unlock the potential of dominant JavaScript to develop diverse applications such as web apps, mobile apps, web portals, dynamic websites, and custom JavaScript applications by hiring experienced JavaScript developers that streamline app development to attain your business goals.

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Advantages Of JavaScript Development Services

JavaScript offers a myriad of benefits and support for modern devices, apps, and platforms. JavaScript is a widely used language in almost all types of web apps and one of the core technologies in the World Wide Web along with CSS and HTML. Here are some key benefits of JavaScript that demonstrate its suitability for front-end and back-end development.


JavaScript was exclusively designed for client-side scripting but with continuous evolvement, it is now being used in server-side programming as well. Speed is one of the key benefits of JavaScript as it is interpreted language that lessens communication with the server. This result in faster execution of code compared to other programming languages.


JavaScript works well with all programming languages, browsers, and platforms. It is platform-independent and seen in almost all web applications. Almost all web developers are skilled in JavaScript and know the basic concepts of JavaScript. It is interoperable as it can be embedded into any web page or inside any programming language as a script.

Rich UIs03

One of the primary functions of JavaScript is to give interactivity to the web page. It is widely used in client-side programming and allows users to interact with web pages. This helps in increasing user engagement with the websites. It defines web page behavior through third-party libraries and dynamic interactivity with object-based scripting.

Wide Ecosystem04

JavaScript is immensely popular with a large number of developers, platforms, and frameworks. It is used by world-famous organizations and over 90% of websites have used JavaScript. It offers an easy learning curve, simplicity, open standards, and strong community support. The advent of modern JavaScript frameworks has contributed largely to the rise of JavaScript as the world’s most popular language.


JavaScript’s syntax is relatively easy and numerous resources are available on the web to master JavaScript. It is easy to learn, understand, and quick to begin with. Beginners, intermediate, and experienced developers – all can use JavaScript. With a simplified structure and features, developers can easily create dynamic web content using rich JavaScript libraries.


JavaScript is versatile – you can use it for frontend development using Angular and for the backend using Node.js. It also supports the development of web, mobile, and desktop apps using a top-cross-platform framework, React Native. Using JavaScript, you can also create scalable servers using Node.js. JavaScript’s influence is continuously growing as the most versatile programming language ever.


Hire JavaScript Developer

Tap into the power of JavaScript to build dynamic and diverse web applications by hiring JavaScript developers from SPEC INDIA. Gain access to top talents with years of experience in different domains and competence to work with modern JavaScript frameworks.

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JavaScript Development Services for Various Industries

Frequently Asked Questions

First, we thoroughly understand your requirement and then you can select a JavaScript developer with the required expertise and experience from our pre-vetted talent list. Hire JS developer who can meet demands and is a perfect fit for your requirements.

Our pricing models are flexible as per business needs. Our major pricing models include Fixed Cost, Time & Material, and Dedicated Team for hire based on an hourly model.

Many JavaScript frameworks are there with different sets of features and capabilities. Our tech consultants understand your requirement completely and suggest the best JavaScript framework after project-technology fit analysis.

JavaScript is mainly used in web development for client-side programming. But with the launch of Node.js, it is used in server-side scripting as well. JavaScript’s main function is to define web page behavior and interactivity.

Full-stack JavaScript development refers to end-to-end web application development using JavaScript. It involves the frontend and backend part of the application using tech stacks such as MEAN stack, MERN stack, and MEVN stack.

The only difference between the MEAN and MERN stack is about frontend framework. MEAN uses Angular for UIs while MERN uses React for frontend web applications.

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Enhance User Experience With Comprehensive JavaScript Web Development

Hire dedicated JavaScript developers to build web apps that improve performance, increase efficiency, and take user experience to the next level. Tell us about your idea or re-engineering requirements and we help you transform your business.

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