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Hire Kotlin App Developer From SPEC INDIA

Our years of experience and expertise in Android development with Kotlin has empowered us to create numerous Kotlin apps for different industry segments and businesses of all sizes. We offer complete security and infrastructure support with different recruiting models to let you select the hiring resources of your choice. Hire dedicated Kotlin developers from us based on your project requirements, cost estimation, and business workflow. We can help you increase productivity, reduce training costs and avail yourself of high-quality products if you hire Kotlin experts and let them harness the power of technology into your projects.

Our Kotlin App Development Services

As a trained Kotlin app development company, our resources abide by a modernized approach to create futuristic applications weaving in all major intricacies of Kotlin. Following are our major service offerings that are widely leveraged for mobile, server-side programming, web development, data science and cross platform development:

Asp-dot-NET Core Enterprise-icon

Kotlin Android App Development

Hire Kotlin developers from SPEC INDIA for creating high performance, enriched, cross platform, robust Android applications with Kotlin and its salient features. Our taskforce addresses all your business requirements and ensures a smooth transformation of our ideas into reality. Offering a wholesome solution, we assure you of increased productivity, better collaboration, faster development, and high-end security from our end.


Kotlin Web Development

Being a full stack solution, Kotlin can leverage JavaScript on the server side as well as the client side. With this facility, Kotlin can make the entire web development activity faster and smooth by integrating seamlessly with third party frameworks and libraries. Hire Kotlin app developer for accessing robust browsers, using web APIs and remain type-safe all through, with just few lines of code.


Custom Application Development

Our Kotlin developers showcase proficiency in all areas of application development and understand customized requirements to offer a custom application, based on organizational goals. Hire dedicated Kotlin developers to design and develop a comprehensive app from the beginning, with optimized processes and costs involved. Our next gen Kotlin applications are reason enough to take Kotlin developer for hire and fulfil your needs.


Kotlin Application Migration and Optimization

You can hire a Kotlin expert for optimizing applications and implement a set of best practices with which the applications can execute with ease. Our taskforce offers in-depth optimization techniques and code corrections that can offer better performance, lessen risks, and utilize less resources. You can migrate your existing system from Java to Kotlin with security and effective performance.


Server-side Development Using Kotlin

Since Kotlin is considered a perfect choice for creating server side applications, we, as a Kotlin app development company, train resources to write brief and significant code that is compatible with Java-dependent stacks. Our Kotlin app developers make the most of popular server-side frameworks for Kotlin such as Spring, Ktor, Vert.x etc. to develop scalable server side applications.

Kotlin Application Upgradation and Maintenance

Right from upgrading the system regularly for optimal performance to maintaining it continuously for a smooth run, our dedicated team of Kotlin developers do it all. As an integral part of our broad spectrum of Kotlin app development services, our Kotlin developers perform in-depth study and diagnostics to offer the application to a widespread user base and maximize revenue generation.


Technology Expertise

Android Support Library
Android Studio

Key Benefits of Our Kotlin App Development Services

With Kotlin as the preferred language for Android Programming, Kotlin has gained in popularity among developers and enterprises worldwide. Hire Kotlin developers from us and enjoy the niceties of Kotlin:

Crisp and Simplistic Coding

Kotlin has concise and expressive code that reduces coding time. Developers enjoy the speedy and clean coding style and hence prefer it.

Functional Programming

Kotlin’s support for functional programming makes it easy to reuse the code and leverage other high order functions, for robust mobile and web apps.

Support for Coroutines

Kotlin supports the new feature of coroutines that can be used whenever needed and these speeds up the complete app development procedure.

Higher Adoption Rate

The huge Kotlin developer network implies the increasing popularity and adoption rate of Kotlin worldwide, leading to instant access anytime.

Null Safety

Kotlin manages nulls with ease and hence developers will not get a null pointer exception. It will reduce app crashes and offer better experience.

Domain Specific Language

Kotlin helps you to build DSL to eliminate boilerplate code, extract the part of code and reuse the Kotlin code for other tasks.


Looking to Hire Kotlin Developers For Your Company?

Here We Are, with the Best of Kotlin Resources. Hire Kotlin App Developer from SPEC INDIA.

Kotlin Developer for Hire

Steps to Hire Kotlin Developers from SPEC INDIA


Post Your Inquiry



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Engagement Terms

Get Started

Get Started

Why Hire Dedicated Kotlin Developers from SPEC INDIA?

Whether you are planning to develop a new Android app, migrate an existing one to Kotlin or leverage Kotlin for engaging web experience, our expert Kotlin developer for hire helps you build high-quality, secure, and scalable digital solutions.

Timeliness and Cost Effective

We adhere to strict timelines and ensure a cost effective approach for our clients. Our focus on sticking to schedules is what keeps us ahead of the rest.

Client First Approach

In all our IT solutions and services, our prime focus remains on our customer satisfaction and fulfilling their requirements.

Flexible Engagement Methodologies

We offer a variety of project engagement approaches and based on your requirements; it can be tailormade to suit your needs.

State-of-the-art Services

Our skilled developers are well exposed to an exhaustive infrastructure, with modern technologies, in-depth experience, and well-defined project methodologies.

24x7-Technical Support
Streamlined Hiring Process

We have been into the hiring scenario for years now, for multiple technologies. Our experience is reflected in our competent developers.

On-demand Scalability

It is viable to scale the team size up or down as required since we understand that the need for scalability may arise.


Let Us Help You with the Apt Resources

Hire Kotlin Expert from SPEC INDIA and revolutionize your Kotlin app development with our competent resources.

Hire Kotlin App Developers

Our Engagement Models

Our flexible business engagement models are designed to meet the different needs of companies of all sizes. SPEC INDIA caters to global clients through flexible IT engagement models such as Fixed Cost, Time & Material, and a Dedicated Development Team with a defined level of control, reliability, and flexibility.

Appreciation From Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Kotlin has certain salient features like faster compilation, light weightiness that give it an upper hand, as compared to Java. Code in Kotlin is much smaller compared to Java and being a modern version, there is much to offer. The code compilation is done to a bytecode through the JVM.

A Kotlin developer oversees planning, designing and developing web and mobile applications using the features of Kotlin. They are involved in all the stages of the software development life cycle, right from inception to implementation.

Kotlin is an open-source, statically typed programming language that is meant for JVM, JavaScript, and Android development. It is a perfectly fit for backend development because of Google’s support to Kotlin.

Yes, migration of code from Java to Kotlin is possible with interoperability features and J2K – the Java to Kotlin converter that comes with IntelliJ/Android Studio.

You need to first analyze your project needs and then search the market for a perfect hiring resource by submitting an inquiry. You can then consult hiring experts and select the best fit engagement model after which you can select the number of resources, perform interviews, and select your taskforce.