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Our On Demand App Development Services

SPEC INDIA is a modern on-demand app development company that leverages the power of on demand app development with cutting-edge technologies and high-end proficiency with a skilled team of app developers.

Food-Delivery-App Development

Food Delivery App Development

As an experienced on demand mobile app development company, we create full-fledged on-demand food delivery applications that assist you in getting your favorite cuisine at your doorstep. We ensure a flexible and convenient food delivery experience with enriched features and cutting-edge technologies. It becomes simpler to build a higher brand image for the business, attracting newer customers with robust features and service offerings.


Healthcare App Development

Our effective on demand app development focusses on the healthcare industry segment to offer on demand healthcare applications. These apps offer smooth integration and services to the patients and other stakeholders, leading to efficient doctor consultation, patient management, appointment booking, insurance management, medical history etc. The telemedicine apps help patients to connect with doctors more frequently and access better healthcare virtually without geographical boundaries.


Logistics and Courier App Development

We create on demand apps for your logistics, trucking, fleet management and courier business offering real-time information about major activities involved in the manufacturing and shipping industry. You can go in for different transport and logistics apps based on your business objectives and requirements. This could include warehouse mobile apps, fleet management apps, tracking and forwarding applications and logistics on-demand.


Home Services App Development

We, as an on demand app development company, offer on-demand home services applications for easy and fast access to services at home. It could include home cleaning and repair of different gadgets being used, packers and movers, shifting of furniture, modular kitchen and home design, party events, make up services, photography shoots, tuition classes for subjects, music, drawing etc.


Groceries and Goods Delivery Services Apps

Online and instant delivery of grocery items and goods is the most happening thing today and its demand is ever rising. We understand the significance of on-demand apps, analyze the futuristic needs, and offer optimal services in meeting the demand of varied industry segments with cutting-edge features like doorstep timely delivery, ease of access etc. We ensure maximized profits, increased revenue, profitability, and productivity.


Travel App Development

Our custom on-demand travel apps offer tour, travel, tourism app development by facilitating online booking of flights, hotels, vacation plans, booking history, multiple payments, reward points etc. Our skilled professionals create travel apps to enhance your revenue multi-fold. Implementation of these apps help in augmenting travel business with a wider reach across the globe, simplified traveling and accessing travel-related services.


On Demand Beauty App Development

You can seamlessly take online bookings, manage appointments with different beauty salons across your premises. Our on-demand beauty apps offer a variety of salon and beauty app development services that suit your needs and are tailored to fit your requirements. It includes implementing apps in the beauty marketplace, salon booking app development, loyalty programs, in app payment, real-time GPS etc.


On Demand Taxi App Development

Taxi applications are one of the most popular on demand apps that are popular all over. We understand the nuances of the taxi and transportation industry, making the most of the on-demand concept for creating interactive and user friendly interfaces that can help tracking and booking taxis, offering support, booking appointments, managing schedules, locating stores, setting alerts etc.


On Demand Fitness App Development

As a leading fitness app development company, we indulge in innovative on-demand fitness app development for comprehensive health and wellness, meant for health enthusiasts. Our proficient solution experts possess domain-specific knowledge in the areas of digital fitness, that caters to the intricacies of the industry. We @ SPEC INDIA build a fitness app that is flexible, versatile, exemplary, and meant for your personal fitness needs.


Entertainment App Development

You can build on-demand, robust entertainment applications through our taskforce. You can even launch your own entertainment service that is online and offers you top quality talent and post-deployment support. There are salient features such as online streaming, in-app sharing, managing videos, downloads, video streaming, profile management, live chatting, social media support, language based listing, supported filters etc.


On Demand App Development Company Creating Tailored On-Demand IT Applications

As an on demand mobile app development company, we thrive to provide exceptional technology-driven solutions that can help you stay one step ahead of the rest.

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On Demand App Development Tech Stack


Swift is a powerful and popular programming language developed by Apple Inc. and the open-source community. It is a feature-rich, modern, and multi-paradigm language used to develop apps for iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Our proficient iOS developers leverage Swift’s versatility and intuitiveness to develop next-gen, high-performance iOS apps.

Objective C_-icon
Objective C

Objective C is one of the primary languages for iOS development with many powerful features. It is a superset of the C language and the main programming language for Cocoa development. Leverage our iOS development expertise to build futuristic, secure, and customized enterprise mobile apps.


Xcode is Apple’s well-known IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing software on macOS for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and so on. It is a comprehensive development environment for iOS app development with all the necessities to design, develop, compile, test, and debug an app. It helps developers write clean code, minimize errors, and enhance the developer experience.


UIKit is an iOS front-end framework for creating modern, powerful interfaces for iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS apps. It offers support for documents, animations, text management, display, search, drawing and printing, app extensions, and resource management. UIKit also manages the app’s interactions, events, resources, and interface.


Java is one of the most popular and widely-used programming languages famous for its versatility, stability, compatibility, and resiliency. Java is a go-to language for enterprise software as it is great for scalability, has a huge ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, and works well for any type of software development be it cloud, AI, microservices, and IoT.


Kotlin is a modern, concise, cross-platform, and general-purpose programming language preferred by majority of the Android developers to develop Android apps. It is fully interoperable with the Java ecosystem and officially supported by Google to create modern, feature-rich, and secure Android apps. Kotlin is used to develop cross-platform apps, server-side programming, web, and Android apps.

Android Studio_-icon
Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for Google’s Android operating system. It is built specifically for Android development with all the support and features to write better code and increase developer productivity. With an intelligent code editor, fast emulator, and flexible build system, it offers developers ease of building apps on every type of Android device.

Android SDK_-icon
Android SDK

Android SDK is a software development containing a set of development and debugging tools to build Android apps. It is one of the important components in Android app development. With each new release of Android Software, SDK’s updated version also releases with it.

Kotlin Coroutines

Kotlin Coroutines is a concurrency design pattern that allows developers to write asynchronous programs for running multiple tasks simultaneously. It is widely used by Android developers to streamline asynchronous programming on Android. It helps developers write clean, concise app code, faster.


Flutter is Google’s open-source UI kit for developing cross-platform apps using a single codebase. We create intuitive, faster, and amazing user experiences for mobile, web, and desktop using Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities. Flutter is the first choice of developers and businesses for cross-platform app development that saves time and cost.

React Native

React Native is a top cross-platform framework that allows developers to build fully native apps with platform-specific native components. It is an open-source UI software framework created by Meta Platforms, Inc. Developers use React Native to build native applications for Android, iOS, Web, Windows, and UWP.


Ionic is a widely-used cross-platform app development framework for building high-quality, fast, and modern cross-platform apps using a singular codebase. It is an open-source development toolkit based on Web Components and supports popular web frameworks such as Angular, Vue, and React. Using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, developers can build native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps.


NativeScript is an open-source framework to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. It enables developers to access native APIs from JavaScript directly to ensure a native-like experience. Developers can use JavaScript or TypeScript to build apps and it supports Angular and Vue JavaScript frameworks.


Firebase offers cross-platform SDKs and a set of hosting services for any type of application. It is backed by Google and offers real-time, NoSQL hosting of content, social authentication, content, databases, and a real-time communication server. Firebase is not a framework but a backend service to help developers build, manage, and ship apps.


React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is a top-rated cross-platform, flexible, and open-source library maintained by Meta. It is one of the most commonly used frontend libraries for web and mobile. We also build cross-platform apps using React Native, a popular cross-platform mobile app framework for building apps for iOS and Android.


Built on TypeScript, Angular is a component-based, open-source web application framework by Google. Our Angular development services serve businesses of all sizes and deliver tailored-fit solutions. Our expertise in Angular web development delivers customized, scalable, and high-quality web applications, web portals, SPAs, and dynamic web apps.


Redux is an open-source JavaScript library that works as a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. It is used to manage and centralize application states similar to Facebook’s Flux architecture. It is commonly used with Angular and React for creating user interfaces. Redux helps app developers write applications that are easy to test and run in different environments.

On Demand App Development Tech Stack

Swift-icon Objective C_-icon Xcode-icon UIKit-icon
JAVA-icon Kotlin-icon Android Studio_-icon Android SDK_-icon Kotlin-icon
Flutter-icon React-icon Ionic-icon NativeScript-icon Firebase-icon
Progressive Web Apps
React-icon Angular-icon Redux-icon

SPEC INDIA as On Demand App Development Company


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Our On-Demand Application Development Features

Our customized and effective on demand apps are meant to satisfy your own needs and showcase the below mentioned features, be it any type of domain that you are looking into.

Robust and Powerful Analytics01

Our on-demand apps are well competent to offer real-time insightful information that can help in enhancing business revenue. You can judge client behavior, preferences, disliked, experience and thereby, take decisions accordingly. This helps you to understand prospects, increase efforts to retain customers and gain better visitor traction.

Instant Service Booking02

One of the major features of an effective on demand app is the fast and instant service booking that can be done. It is a salient advantage to the end user and the application owner. It is a great way to grow, build and prosper your business by offering prompt service facilities in a digital manner.

In App Chat03

In application chatting feature is yet another feather in the cap while pursuing on demand app development. It is always advantageous to be responsive to the queries raised by clients by offering an in-app chat facility that is prompt, trustworthy and effective. It enhances the collaboration between the clients and service providers.

Search and Filter04

There is so much to offer on the on-demand apps. Customers are in search of certain specific facilities at a certain time. That is where a good search and filter facility can be of great value and fast enough to fetch the needed details at the tip of a finger.

Review and Ratings05

In the world influenced by ratings and reviews, customers rely on reviews given by other customers and the service providers are also equally affected by reviews and ratings given by customers. This feature is a much needed one for pushing sales, increasing business and credibility to increase revenue and take actions correspondingly.

Brand Visibility06

Building a good brand image and taking the online presence further high is a necessity for any business and hence a required feature for any on demand app. The futuristic view of the application must be robust enough to increase the brand visibility of the application in the digital world.


Hire On Demand App Developers

Hiring an on demand app developer from SPEC INDIA is a profitable and simple process. As a popular on demand app development company, our process enables flexible engagement of technical experts who have had extensive implementation experience of complex on demand projects. Our developers need minimal training, offer round-the-clock support and work as efficient IT partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On demand apps are web or mobile solutions that empower users to instantly receive or plan services, or buy products, belonging to different genres, from specified organizations. There could be multiple on-demand organizations for comparison in the application.

Development of on demand apps relies on different factors such as project complexity, organizational objectives and needs, availability of skilled resources, budget estimates etc. It would be better to discuss this with our experts to understand in detail.

Our various project execution models ensure timely deliverables and quality software solutions. We follow DevOps, Agile, Waterfall, and Iterative models based on the project requirement, scope, and functionalities. Our detailed execution strategy and selection of the right execution model help us deliver better, faster, and desired outcomes.

Any good on-demand app is leveraged to decrease the gap between the client and service provider, be it any type of app. Customers can either place their order or book an appointment or purchase any stuff ad instantly avail services in terms of delivery of goods or appointment schedules. It may vary based on the type of on-demand service requested for.

Yes, very much. Being a proficient on-demand app development company, once it is thoroughly developed and tested, it will be uploaded to the respective play store – Google Play Store or Apple App Store, with complete guidelines as to how to use it and download it.

With technology penetrating all industry segments, the future of on-demand apps is bright. Almost all industry segments have adopted the very concept of on-demand applications and newer ways of implementing it are coming up. The time to come shall see innovative technologies like AI, ML, AR, VR, Blockchain, etc. integrating with on-demand apps.

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Fully Customized On Demand Apps For Your Organization, with Best-in-Class Features

We, as a competent on demand mobile app development company, have proficiency in creating on-demand apps for a variety of industry segments. Our skilled on demand app developers perceive the nitty gritty of the on demand applications and come up with a comprehensive solution that can maximize revenue and drive outcome.

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