Warehouse Management Software: An Overview

As a part of the overall supply chain management solution, SPEC INDIA’s effective, flexible, and feature-rich Warehouse Management Solution (WMS Solution) offers a complete solution to all the warehouse management and control activities. In today’s fast-paced environment, WMS can automate and streamline processes, effectively manage complex operations, improve productivity, and control all the activities with greater agility.

SPEC INDIA’s Warehouse Management Software is designed with an aim to simplify distribution management, inventory management, and all the warehouse operations right from the process of shipment receiving, inventory, to shipment unloading.  It enables the real-time exchange of data, end-to-end reporting, and overall administration that ultimately help organizations to improve performance and security across all the channels.




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Enable Transparency, Security, And Efficiency By Using Our WMS System

Key Features Of Warehouse Management System

  • Enhanced resources’ performance through end-to-end management of warehouse operations
  • Ensure greater visibility with the help of real-time monitoring
  • Track inventory and store necessary documents in images, pdf formats
  • Barcode scanning and generation to scan Shipment numbers
  • Retrieval, display, and secure storage of documents
  • The real-time vision of inventory across the warehouse
  • Automatically send customer receipt notifications when Shipment is received
  • Location updates of received Shipment in the warehouse
  • Seamless integration of processes right from Shipment receiving to unloading
  • Inventory accuracy and efficient management result in time and cost saving
  • Increased speed of warehouse operations with accuracy
  • Hassle-free shipment management
  • Improved productivity of resources by accurate and automated processes

WMS System Workflow


Advantages Of Warehouse Management Software

Known for bringing excellence in software products regardless of sizes and domains, SPEC INDIA delivers solutions with a customer-first mindset. SPEC INDIA has been preferred technology partner having years of experience and expertise in developing solutions that facilitate successful digital transformation.

  • Flexible and fully-customizable WMS as per your organization’s requirements
  • Highly secured authentications and processes across the system
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, and user-friendly mobile app
  • Easy installation and minimum time-to-market
  • Integrated and synced modules to reflect updates in real-time
  • Mobile-enabled warehouse control and management
  • Improved productivity through accurate, automated, and faster processes
  • Future enhancements with more automated and integrated features
  • 24*7 support to fix any issue quickly and proficiently
  • Interactive UI/UX, flawless navigation across the application

Why SPEC INDIA As Warehouse Management Software Provider?

  • An ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified software development firm with over 30 years of reliable and quality service
  • Proficient team of developers, designers, managers, architects, testers, and marketers to deliver feature-rich solutions
  • Value-added business solution regardless of domains, sizes, and geographical locations
  • 24*7 support and maintenance from the professionals to quick fix issues
  • Thorough understanding of business requirements and continuous evaluation at each level
  • Global clientele includes SMEs, large enterprise, startups, and Fortune 500 companies

Frequently Asked Questions

A warehouse management system is a software application that facilitates the management of daily operations in a warehouse. It also takes care of distribution center management and warehouse-related functionalities.

The basic purpose of having effective warehouse management is to ensure an efficient, consistent, and quality-rich process of moving goods through the warehouse with the best of speed, accuracy, and security.

The different types of warehouse management systems are standalone WMS, supply chain modules, integrated ERP systems, and cloud-based WMS.

FIFO is First In, First Out. LIFO is Last In, First Out. FIFO targets to sell older products first so that business doesn’t suffer when products expire and LIFO targets to sell the latest goods first, offering priority over old stock.

Manhattan’s WMS is a flexible and integrated warehouse management system that uses the latest AI, ML algorithms to orchestrate the industry’s prime warehouse execution system within a WMS.

Cross-docking in WMS pertains to product delivery from a manufacturing unit directly to clients with the least material handling between them. It lessens the need for product storage in the warehouse.

WMS is an independent system that targets inventory optimization based on real-life warehouse-based information whereas ERP is a complete, integrated solution that encompasses more business processes than just WMS.

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