Tableau BI and Visualization

From data to insight to action – we help the business to transform the way they use data. Our broad expertise in business intelligence tools and big data analytics help you make most of the data to generate information and insights that impact business performance.

Tableau is the powerful, end-to-end, secure and scalable business intelligence and analytics platform making brands to rethink their data strategies.

As one of the leading Tableau services providers, we help you make most of the Tableau platform to aggregate, analyze, and visualize data to solve complex business problems.

Tableau provides a suite of easy-to-use products that facilitate aggregation of data, in-depth analysis, and better visualization to make data-driven decisions. SPEC INDIA’s Tableau Expertise helps you gain deeper insights to make your organization future-ready with smarter and advanced decisions.

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    Tableau Consulting, Analytics, Reporting and Data Visualization With SPEC INDIA

    Combining years of experience in business intelligence services and diverse BI portfolio, we put data to work using modern technologies and platforms. Our Tableau expertise enables us to address your data requirements by setting up a complete data pipeline along with analytics, reporting, and visualization facilities.

    What Can You Accomplish With Tableau:

    • Tableau Analytics

    With the Tableau Analytics, ask questions and identify patterns with easy-to-use and visually-appealing interfaces to generate insights based on your data.

    • Tableau Reporting

    Our Tableau designers and developers make the best use of Tableau’s interactive, advanced, and visual interfaces for pictorial and graphical representation of data.

    • Tableau Integration

    Integrate all data from different data sources and models easily and quickly to perform advanced analytics and visualization.

    • Tableau Consulting

    Our Tableau consulting services help you to create a roadmap of data by carefully understanding your data flow and needs.

    • Tableau Data Visualization

    Discover trends, patterns, and performance indicators using visual elements like the chart, graph, maps with Tableau Visualization.

    • Tableau Dashboard

    Our Tableau designers design customized and easily accessible dashboards to display information, KPIs, and structured, analyzed data.

    • Self-Service Analytics

    Our self-service BI tool empowers anyone in the organizations to gain insights using drag-and-drop, easy-to-understand analytics plugin.

    Tableau Product Stack:

    • Tableau Desktop

    Powerful desktop software for smooth data integration and advanced analytics to extract more value from massive data quickly and efficiently.

    • Tableau Prep

    Build, clean, and combine various data flows easily with self-service data preparation tool from Tableau, specifically designed to create a complete picture of data, intelligently and quickly.

    • Tableau Server

    Tableau Server offers great accessibility, flexibility, and self-service analytics capability to uncover insights from various data sources – in the cloud or on-premise

    • Tableau Online

    Tableau Online allows anyone to perform data analytics securely in the cloud with powerful features to analyze, optimize, and publish dashboards.

    • Tableau Mobile

    Tableau Mobile brings data at your fingertips by offering a mobile platform to keep a tab on your data anytime and anywhere you need it

    Business Analytics Tools And Bi Reporting Expertise

    • Tableau BI
    • HighCharts
    • Fusion Charts
    • Tableau HYPer
    • Cloudera

    We Help Your Organization Become Data-Driven Using Tableau BI Tool

    We follow best Tableau practices to generate insights based on your data – securely, accurately, and faster



    • Identify the Need for BI
    • Data Analysis
    • BI Plan & Strategy
    • Data Warehouse
    • Select Suitable Tool
    • Data >> Insights


    • Creative Visualization
    • Dashboard Design
    • Charting Library
    • User Specific Designs
    • Report Design
    • DB Schema Design


    • ETL / ELT
    • SSIS / SSRS / SSAS
    • Mobile BI
    • Analytical Reports
    • Open Source BI development
    • Tableau BI
    QA & Support

    QA & Support

    • ETL QA / Verification
    • Data Uniformity Test
    • Data Load Testing
    • BI Reports Testing
    • Load & Performance Testing
    • 24X7 SLA Support

    Tableau Reporting And Dashboard Design With SPEC INDIA

    Our Tableau implementation experts and Tableau developers have in-depth knowledge of tools backed by years of experience in business intelligence services.

    Among leading BI and analytics tools, Tableau offers a set of benefits to the organizations for creating data-driven decision flow across the organization.

    Why Tableau For Business Intelligence?
    • Powerful, secure, and accurate analytics using data algorithms
    • Easy connectivity with various data sources in minutes
    • Quickly create interactive visualization effortlessly
    • Mobile-ready, the cloud-ready business analytics platform
    • High performance, saving time and money
    • Connect, share, and collaborate using a single platform

    Why SPEC INDIA for ‘Tableau Business Intelligence Services’?

    Tableau Development Expert

    Our skilled Tableau developers explore different data sources and create data-driven strategies to strengthen your decision-making process.

    Business Intelligence Specialists

    Our BI specialists will make data work for you using the latest tools and modern approach to business intelligence and data analytics.

    Perfect Data Partner

    We work as your data partner to fulfill your every data needs right from consulting, designing, developing, and deploying a complete data pipeline.

    Secure Processes

    We understand the importance of security while dealing with data, ensuring complete protection and safety of your data.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a self-service embedded analytics solution that is easy to integrate, customize, and use. It lets you create powerful and data-rich dashboards to bring data to life.

    Tableau Server is an online hosting platform to host and hold all the tableau workbooks, data sources, and dashboards. It allows users to create, edit, share and collaborate on Tableau Dashboards.

    DATEDIFF() function is used to calculate the difference between two dates in Tableau.

    Tableau allows connection to a number of data sources such as MS Excel, text files, PDFs, JSON. Tableau can connect to databases and servers like Tableau Server, MySQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and so on.

    Tableau offers many certifications. You can take the help of Tableau’s learning resources to become Tableau certified. One of the primary things you require is to have basic knowledge of data blending, data integration, and business intelligence.

    To delete a dashboard in Tableau, you need to go for edit mode, click on the Actions menu on the top, and select delete. You need to click Delete in the confirmation dialogue.

    To add images in the Tableau dashboard, you can use the Image object. You can make adjustments to the image (Edit, Select, Center, Fix or Edit Height).

    When you work with Excel, .pdf, text files, and Google Sheets, you can pivot your data from crosstab format into a columnar format. You can pivot the data by selecting two or more columns and then select Pivot from the drop-down arrow next to the column name.

    Hire Tableau Expert

    Hire Tableau Expert from SPEC INDIA who are well-versed with the Tableau product stack to increase credibility and clarity of data to make informed decisions.